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    Virtual Worlds - Retailer Benefits

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    Top 5 Benefits

    Virtual Worlds will increase your sales revenue, improve your reputation, and enhance your productivity for a low total cost of ownership. The benefits listed below are the key drivers that come together to successfully deliver this outcome.

    1. Higher sales conversion rates: Providing an enhanced customer experience and the peace of mind to buy.
    2. Higher sales value: Upselling, as fixed budgets give way to emotional decision making.
    3. Shorter sales cycle: A 3D interactive picture can say more than a thousand words, quickly overcoming objections and fast tracking discussions to a positive outcome.
    4. Increased demand: Elimination of client misconception issues and reduced specification errors and product returns improves customer satisfaction. Written/verbal testimonials equates to more business.
    5. Higher productivity: Conceiving, creating and selling design concepts faster than before ultimately allows you to service more customers.
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    Top 5 Features

    Virtual Worlds is feature rich, but these are what we consider to be the top features that deliver the above mentioned benefits.

    1. 3D interactive design environment: Puts you and your client inside a fully interactive facsimile of their proposed room design.
    2. Manufacturer endorsed catalogues: Giving you free access to the largest selection of manufacturer endorsed catalogues.
    3. Intelligent automated functionality: e.g. range change, auto apply kitchen and architectural elements, intelligent connection points, auto unit assembly.
    4. Integrated capability: including: 2d dimensioned plans and elevations to any scale, bill of materials, export to AutoCad, export to third party quoting software, photorealistic renders, rendered movie production.
    5. Industry specific solutions: e.g. bespoke frameless glass shower builder. Real solutions to industry specific problems.
    All images are computer generated in Virtual Worlds