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    Virtual Worlds - Manufacturer Benefits

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    Top 5 Benefits

    Virtual Worlds will increase your sales revenue, improve your brand visibility, and reduce costly product returns. The benefits listed below are the key drivers that come together to successfully deliver this outcome.

    1. Increased sales revenue: See more of your product sold into live design and build projects.
    2. Increased brand visibility: Advancing your brand to the front of mind of leading KBB retailers.
    3. Reduced product returns: Saving you cost and time, while protecting your reputation.
    4. Improved customer loyalty and retention: By being seen to support your retailers with a powerful selling resource and focused point of communication.
    5. Growth Strategy: Virtual Worlds represents a powerful channel to market that provides a key driver to your growth strategy.
    Video: What is Virtual Worlds
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    Top 5 Features

    Virtual Worlds software and business services provide you with a strong competitive advantage. The features listed below help deliver the above mentioned benefits.

    1. Channel to Market: Harness Virtual Worlds to promote and sell your products to our network of retailers, and communicate with them via live news feed and e-shots.
    2. 3D interactive catalogue management: Promote your complete product portfolio and break down the barriers associated with unavailability of display real-estate.
    3. Intelligent program functionality: Reduce product specification errors and associated product return costs.
    4. Industry Specific Solutions: e.g. bespoke solutions to industry specific problems.
    5. Reporting: Providing feedback on performance.
    All images are computer generated in Virtual Worlds