Virtual Worlds New App Brings Design into the Home


Virtual Worlds, the popular KBB CAD software from Logicom, has launched the Viewer App for designers to share their 3D interactive designs with customers.

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Compatible with Apple or Android mobile devices, the Viewer App allows designers to create conceptual designs using Virtual Worlds Professional and then upload them for viewing three dimensionally in the App. Likewise, designers can email a link to a customer for them to access proposed designs or a gallery of previous projects, at their convenience.

The Viewer App has multiple interfaces, including touch screen swipe and on-screen navigation.  Quick and responsive, the Virtual Worlds App brings to life designers’ plans, demonstrating them in an interactive format. Customers can walk through their room, on-screen, and view it from any angle; open cupboards and doors, look inside a shower, take a close-up of the tiling format, all on their tablet or Smartphone.


Nathan MacLean, Acting Managing Director at Logicom sees the Viewer App as an exciting, additional selling tool:  “The Viewer App provides retailers with a powerful, portable sales tool, which shortens the sales process and showcases their designs in a customer friendly, engaging way. The concept of a customer, ipad in hand, standing in their actual kitchen as they tap their way around photo realistic visuals of their new layout, is now an exciting reality”.

The Viewer App has been developed by Logicom, creators of Virtual Worlds. The hosting service, available on an annual subscription, is provided through the Virtual Worlds’ cloud and is therefore secure, controlled and confidential. Once uploaded, plans can be accessed for a time managed period by invited customers only, even if the retailer or designer is off-line.

Tissino launch exclusive CAD début on Virtual Worlds

Tissino, the luxury bathroom manufacturer, has unveiled its entire product range exclusively on the Virtual Worlds Professional CAD platform, linked to a powerful online planning tool for consumers. Tissino’s investment in gaining a major presence on the popular Virtual Worlds design software endorses the company’s strategy to attract top end designers and retailers.

The entire Tissino luxury bathroom collection is available for download in both 3D and also 2D format on Virtual Worlds from Logicom. Retailers and designers will therefore be able to create 3D interactive bathroom designs for their clients to appreciate, invite them to ‘step inside’ to experience an impressive and life-like preview and then print out glossy, photo-realistic images.
The Tissino website is likewise cutting-edge when it comes to engaging with the consumer. A special Planner design tool has been created by Virtual Worlds. This enables interested consumers to access Tissino’s products and start to plan their own bathroom, online, at any time of the day or night. Their own designs appear as inspiring 3D visuals, on-screen, which they can then save and Tissino can forward to retailers to progress the sales conversation.
New products in Tissino render
New Tissino render
Colin Hayward, UK Marketing Manager at Tissino comments: “Tissino is relatively new in the UK and so we decided to work with Virtual Worlds, the CAD company with greatest market share and popularity with retailers, to help us rapidly establish the brand. Our products are high quality, high performance and desirable and designers can create rooms and specify them confidently. Allowing consumers to design and see their new bathroom through our website is very powerful, especially taking into account the lead generation possibilities of the system”.

For further information T: 01908 663848

Virtual Worlds CAD – the Efficient Way to Generate High Value Orders

Virtual Worlds Professional is the 3D interactive CAD design package which brings to life designers’ creative ideas. Users design in 3D, producing a room which is life-like from the out-set.  Virtual Worlds is a powerful design and sales tool – ideal for live design in front of the customer.  It is an engaging experience for customers, which results in rapid closure and significant up-selling, with retailers reporting up to a 90% design to order conversion rate.

Latest product releases include version 5.9 containing many updates and the Design Viewer Apps, which allow customers to send and demonstrate designs on a tablet or mobile telephone. Customers experience their rooms from any angle, walking through them, opening drawers and cupboards and interacting with the proposed design in 3D.

The future of CAD for the KBB sector

The Designer ran a great article about CAD in their November issue.  They asked the various CAD companies, including our Mike Vinten, what the future had in store for the KBB sector.

It was that that many of our competitors predicted tools that Virtual Worlds already provides!  Good to know we are ahead of the game.  And there are even more developments just around the corner. 

3D interactive CAD design – available now

The article quoted comments from CAD providers about what CAD would be like in the future : “interactive tools”, “using software online” to “collaborate” with the consumer on designs ,  the concept of  “walking round” a design before you buy, interacting with other design software  and the importance of realistic visual were all mentioned…they ought to try out Virtual Worlds Professional.  These are all standard to the latest 5.8 package Available NOW!

Collaborative online design with the customer – available now

We agree that a strong on-line design capability will be key for some customers…that is why we are already working with various customers, customising our 2D/3D Planner to their particular requirements.  For those retailers who want to give their customers scope to outline their own design ideas, before passing them over to a professional, showroom designer to develop into a feasible KBB design, then this software is hugely powerful and user- friendly.  For some we even integrate with pricing, checkout and parts list – all online.

Realistic visuals you can almost touch – available now

Some of our competitors do not seem to rate their own CAD particularly highly! However, from our retailer user comments, it is apparent that Virtual Worlds CAD is so realistic and the 3D interactive facility so engaging, that Designers are now able to create a sense of the ambience in a customer’s kitchen or bathroom, not just fantastic visuals.  The software tools are there to be used.

What next for Virtual Worlds CAD?

Apps, more online solutions… the developers here at Logicom are way ahead. Watch out!

New 3D Tool to Launch at Interiors UK 2012

It’s almost here…

Only five days to go and there is still time to register for FREE and visit the interiors show of the year!

What are we talking about?

Interiors UK 2012, that’s what!

And Virtual Worlds are ready to launch their latest product: Virtual Worlds Options Viewer

Designed with manufacturers and retailers in mind, this online 3D tool hosted on your website, will enable customers to view products in a range of room settings before they buy! With the use of a ‘virtual showroom’ the customer can select different products, change fabrics, wall colours, wallpapers, curtains… all with the simple click of a button!

Options Viewer is set to transform the visualising and buying experience for clients; not only by providing this unique form of interaction, but by also delivering invaluable analytics – so you can understand more about who and how is using your website!

Click here to view an exclusive video preview 

So… where will you be between the 22nd and the 25th January?

At the Interiors UK show we hope – Hall 1 (Fabrics Hall) stand C42 – with the Interiors Champagne Bar close by!


Life after KBB London 2011

Well, KBB London 2011 has been and gone for another year and it’s now back to normality!

Well, KBB London 2011 has been and gone for another year and it’s now back to normality!

We had a great show and took full advantage of the event to meet lots of new faces and of course, some old ones! It also gave us a chance to showcase our swish new marketing material, which seemed to go down a storm and I’m sure, contributed to our overall success at Excel this year.





The Virtual Worlds team were rushed off their feet for most of the three days and have been really busy since getting back to the office, following up on all the Virtual Worlds enquiries that were taken.

The team had lots of interest in our Virtual Worlds software packages, in particular our new Virtual Worlds online: VWo – which transforms your design and presents it live on the web, in unrivalled ‘real time’ simulation!



So if you missed us at the show (tut, tut..), but feel you would like to know more about Virtual Worlds and how it could help maximize your business performance.

Don’t waste a moment – ensure your competitive advantage today and call us for a demo!

Speak to one of the sales team on: 01908 663 848 or drop us a line at:


Virtual Worlds 5.7.9 Update

Version 5.7.9 of Virtual Worlds is now available to access on the user centre. This new version is recommended for users with Windows Vista or Windows 7, as it ensures compatibility between Virtual Worlds and Internet Explorer 9.

Please Note: Users with Windows XP and Virtual Worlds version 5.7.8 DO NOT need this upgrade!

If you require any assistance with the above, please contact the Virtual Worlds Support Team on: 01908 448 899

News Flash: Virtual Worlds Launch New ‘Web Design Viewer’

Virtual Worlds is pleased to announce the exciting arrival of: Virtual Worlds online (VWo)

With this new innovative system, it is now possible to actually ‘Publish’ your Virtual Worlds designs on the Internet in a totally secure environment, solely for specific customer viewing in 3D on their home PC; with the interactive Virtual Worlds viewer allowing them the facility to ‘fly’ around your design.

All customers need do, is download a small viewer program and they will have access to this great new viewing function; with only you as the designer, being able to make any alterations. You do not even need to have your own website and the only limitation to the service, is that your designs incorporate models from current Virtual Worlds catalogues.

Initial download offer is 4 FREE designs

After that, a very simple ‘Tariff’ based pricing structure is in place, similar to the concept  favoured by mobile phone providers.

So why not email the Virtual Worlds team on: and start increasing your sales today!

New breakthrough in Fabrics and wallpapers for Interior Design CAD

The texture "mapping" problem
The texture "mapping" problem

One of our major strategic aims is to expand the markets for Virtual Worlds as well as to increase its value and effectiveness for our existing users. In its traditional applications for kitchen, bathroom and bedroom planning Virtual Worlds is, we feel, the best design software around. However, to make it even better for Interior Designers generally, we thought we should address a major problem that confronts designers who wish to be totally flexible in the application of textures of wallpapers and fabrics. And the problem is…..? Well, it’s all to do with the nature of 3D models.

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