Tissino launch exclusive CAD début on Virtual Worlds

Tissino, the luxury bathroom manufacturer, has unveiled its entire product range exclusively on the Virtual Worlds Professional CAD platform, linked to a powerful online planning tool for consumers. Tissino’s investment in gaining a major presence on the popular Virtual Worlds design software endorses the company’s strategy to attract top end designers and retailers.

The entire Tissino luxury bathroom collection is available for download in both 3D and also 2D format on Virtual Worlds from Logicom. Retailers and designers will therefore be able to create 3D interactive bathroom designs for their clients to appreciate, invite them to ‘step inside’ to experience an impressive and life-like preview and then print out glossy, photo-realistic images.
The Tissino website is likewise cutting-edge when it comes to engaging with the consumer. A special Planner design tool has been created by Virtual Worlds. This enables interested consumers to access Tissino’s products and start to plan their own bathroom, online, at any time of the day or night. Their own designs appear as inspiring 3D visuals, on-screen, which they can then save and Tissino can forward to retailers to progress the sales conversation.
New products in Tissino render
New Tissino render
Colin Hayward, UK Marketing Manager at Tissino comments: “Tissino is relatively new in the UK and so we decided to work with Virtual Worlds, the CAD company with greatest market share and popularity with retailers, to help us rapidly establish the brand. Our products are high quality, high performance and desirable and designers can create rooms and specify them confidently. Allowing consumers to design and see their new bathroom through our website is very powerful, especially taking into account the lead generation possibilities of the system”.

For further information T: 01908 663848 www.virtualworlds.co.uk

Award Winning Designer is a Virtual Worlds Fan

Monita CheungMonita Cheung and her team of designers use Virtual Worlds software to create amazing designs for C.P. Hart clients.

”I enjoy using Virtual Worlds to create photorealistic 3D images. The software allows you to create your own products and tile templates if necessary and the fast and efficient features make my life easier with the large amount of retail projects I work on day in and day out. I love the fact you can adjust the lighting very easily and that rendering time is very quick.”

Having very recently featured in Kitchens, Bedrooms & Bathrooms Magazine with her bathroom designs created using Virtual Worlds, we caught up with Monita to find out more about her style and inspiration.



Monita graduated from Middlesex University with a BA (hons) Product Design degree and came across C.P. Hart whilst searching for a summer placement during her second year of studying. Her eight-week placement was extended to 10 and then to 12 weeks. Monita worked part time for C.P. Hart during her last year of university and upon graduation was offered a Junior Designer position at the Waterloo showroom. Having won the KBB Young Designer Award she has also been a finalist for the Designer Kitchen&Bathroom Award. She is delighted to work at C.P. Hart.





How would you describe your style?

“I’m certainly a more contemporary styled woman with the love for minimal, bold architectural lines with hints of warmth using different materials and textures. Maybe it’s within my Chinese roots but I love the oriental styles with the sense of peace and well balanced feng shui in the room”.

How do you approach a new design?

“I start by spending a good amount of time getting to understand my client, it is by far the most important thing to do. To understand what style they are searching for and how they will be using the bathroom is very important. The great thing about my job is that I get the opportunity to visit my clients in their home which is the best method of finding out their styles and their way of living. If the option of visiting their home was not available then I would invite my client into our Waterloo flagship store to walk through the showroom and discuss what sort of style they will be wanting”.

What current trends are inspiring your designs?

“I love using stone fronted drawer units within my designs. It provides a sharpness to the product edge that shows the skill of the manufacturer and this creates a high quality expectation for the rest of the room to follow. Very clever wood effect porcelain tiles are very on trend too. There are many available out there but if you manage to find a very high quality wood effect tile it will help to add all the characteristics of a real wood floor with the warmth of the colour but becomes very practical to use for the bathroom areas. Having recently returned from the Cersaie show in Bologna, Italy, it has become apparent that warm stone units and wooden floor tiles are very hot on trend”.

What has been your biggest design challenge to date?

“I can think of a few. One of the most common ones are when I have been given the loft bathroom space to redesign where the slopes are extremely low and I am working with many different angles and the client is wanting a large shower area with a freestanding bath. Another one is having to work with an octagon shaped shower area with slopes forming into the centre of the room. I had to liaise with my installer several times to make sure the shower area will be designed and fitted to perfection. My tip on dealing with situations like these is to double check that everything is what it seems to be, then only to triple check it with possible worst case scenario options”.

Do you have a design icon?

“Since I was 12 I have been in love with Tom Dixon’s S Chair, 1988, steel and wicker. At that age, I promised myself that I would work very hard in life so that eventually I will get to purchase this beautiful chair for my beautiful home and have it in my beautiful living room to admire and to be in awe of”.

What is your own home like?

“I’m currently living with my fiancé in a good sized apartment with a great view of Canary Wharf. It’s a very clean, modern and warm textured apartment where you can really indulge in a glass of wine with friends around the sofa area. The two bathrooms that we have were designed by ourselves and it suits our busy lifestyle very well with a very large shower enclosure fitted with ambient lighting”.

Describe your perfect room, fictional or otherwise?

“Hmm, my perfect room?…Think it’s got to be a fictional one and I will need to add all sorts of characteristics in there…Maybe it could include a large window overlooking a beautiful red sunset, a huge fire pit for the marshmallows, a brazing hearth to create my silver jewellery, a skilled chef on demand for cooking my seafood on a teppanyaki and a large cloud sofa for my friends and family to enjoy their dinner feast”.

Look out for further designs from Monita in future Virtual Worlds posts!

Want to be a Virtual Worlds Featured Designer? Contact Jackie – jackie.bryce@virtualworlds.co.uk


Featured Designer: BMG Designs

We just love BMG Designs here at Virtual Worlds, so we couldn’t resist getting Bernard Griffiths to be our Featured Designer again!

Bernard has been a fan of Virtual Worlds for many years and is a seasoned user of the software. His design experience within the kitchen, bedroom and bathroom sectors is second to none and clearly shows through his skilful and creative 3D designs.

Clients are usually bowled over when they see his interpretation of their ideas and rarely decide to not go ahead with the project. How could they resist, when they are faced with images such as the following…

This stunning bathroom using Porcelanosa products – tiles and taps etc shows Bernard’s skill in using Virtual Worlds 3D design software at it’s very best. Virtual Worlds’ functionality provides designers the facility to add stunning finer details, such as texture on towels and perfect use of shade and light, giving images an amazing realness.

This slick, uncluttered Bulthaup kitchen achieved the brief requirements perfectly – stylish, contemporary, subtle colourway and bags of concealed storage.

So if you’re wanting to ‘make that sale’ or ‘seal the deal’, then you can’t go wrong with Virtual Worlds. Quite simply, if you’re a kitchen, bedroom, bathroom or interior designer and usually spend hours putting together hand drawn creations, just for the client to then change their mind on the colour or product range – why not give Virtual Worlds a try. It can drastically reduce the time spent putting together designs, with it’s flexible and easy to use 3D design system and with just the click of a button, you can select a whole new range of colourways and products to provide your client with the ultimate design experience and their dream room. 

Bernard is a freelance designer and if you would like to get in touch with him, just drop him an email at: bmg@bmgdesigns.me.uk

Or if you want to know more about Virtual Worlds and how it can help your business improve sales, call one of the sales team on: 01908 663848 or by email at: sales@virtualworlds.co.uk


Featured Designer: The Bathroom Designer

After a short Summer break, our ‘Featured Designer’ spot is back – with a simply stunning contemporary bathroom from Jacqueline Hunt at The Bathroom Designer in Wimbledon.

Jacqueline’s clients had undertaken an extensive redevelopment of their property in Esher, so used the opportunity to commission a new master en suite bathroom. The room had been untouched for about 15 years and although functional, was dark in certain areas and lacked any enticement to linger in a hot bath.

So the brief was simple: create a warm and luxurious bathroom, which felt both elegant and contemporary! With the use of Virtual Worlds 3D room planning software, Jacqueline was able to transform those ideas into impressive images and provide the ultimate design experience for her clients. Enabling them to visualise their new bathroom, make choices with ease and ensure their satisfaction with the end result.

As part of the brief, a desire had been expressed for more useable storage which would be integral to the overall contemporary design. This was achieved by designing bespoke units in a fabulous walnut veneer and running the length of one side of the room. Being stylishly fitted behind the WC and beneath the ‘his and hers’ basins, then complimented beautifully by colour backed glass worktops and splash backs; chosen for their vibrancy and durability – each piece was specifically made to measure.

The stunning glass feature worked as a ‘highlight’ in the space, contrasting nicely against the neutral tone tiles on both the floors and walls which help to create a bright and spacious feel in the room.

By using Virtual Worlds software for the design process, this enabled easily implemented changes to the original design. So it was agreed to include some recessed shelving, for display next to the bath and some glass clad recesses within the shower.

The clients had also requested a larger shower, so Jacqueline designed a beautiful walk-in wet room shower, spanning the whole width of the room. The existing lowered ceiling area, worked extremely well with the location of the new ceiling shower head.

To help open up the floor space even further, a striking freestanding bath Nexion by Villeroy & Boch was selected, as the base panel feature gives the illusion of floating.

Finally, a great deal of attention was given to the mood lighting – with individual LED’s being placed around the bath and shower base, to be independently controlled by dimmer from the ceiling lights. Essential task lights over the basins, add useful light to the wall mirror and a certain enhancement to those stunning worktops. And that final extra touch of luxury and indulgence: underfloor heating and a towel rail connected to the hot water system, for warm dry towels all year round!

If you would like further information on this Featured Designer visit: www.thebathroomdesigner.net

To fully appreciate the intelligence of Virtual Worlds design-focused applications, contact us today on: 01908 663 844 or by email: sales@virtualworlds.co.uk                                                     



Featured Designer: BMG Designs

Back by popular demand, our Featured Designer for this month is Bernard Griffiths again, from BMG Designs.

This particular bedroom project is a little different from the norm – the client (a teenage boy) had been given an unlimited budget and free licence to choose exactly what he wanted in his soon to be luxury bedroom.

Because the client had been given total freedom of choice, the furniture contents were predominantly bespoke designer pieces. So, although the products were not available in any of the Virtual Worlds catalogues, the amazing design capabilities of the software enabled the use of images sourced online to be transformed into the bespoke model creations shown below.

Some of the items may look complicated in particular the bedside trunks, but are simply chamfered edged boxes with all the sides and top detached so each one can show a different image. With a little time and effort, alterations can be made to achieve the perfect image.

Modern day software solutions need to offer a flexible approach to design, that enhances communication. Virtual Worlds can offer that integration with AutoCAD and SketchUp (‘Pro’ version) and can utilise various file formats. The ‘Egg’ chair (original design by Arne Jacobsen) featured in this design, is a SketchUp 7 model which was exported to 3ds file format and then re-mapped for the textures, so the outside print is different to the inside.

Hopefully, the time spent with Virtual Worlds creating this bespoke design, with unique models such as the chair and trestle table in the corner, have paid off and the client will be thrilled!

Join us here again very soon for part two and the next phase in this unusual project – once installation is complete and we have one happy teenager!

To make contact with BMG Designs, please email Bernard Griffiths on: bmg@bmgdesigns.me.uk

For further information about Virtual Worlds call one of our sales team today on: 01908 663 848

Or why not drop us a line at: sales@virtualworlds.co.uk


This month’s FEATURED DESIGNER is Bernard Griffiths from BMG Designs. Bernard has worked in the kitchen industry for nearly 30 years and has tried and tested many forms of kitchen design software over the years, but it was not until he discovered Virtual Worlds – a fellow Milton Keynes business – in 1999 that he realised how useful our room planning software could be.

Bernard was a beta tester for early Virtual Worlds updates, helping us to create and adapt our kitchen package with the experience and first-hand knowledge of a working designer. Bernard now offers his drawing services and long-term knowledge of Virtual Worlds as additional design help to those who require it. He can also provide one-to-one training and advice on getting the best out of our 3D room planning software.

BMG Designs Virtual Worlds Kitchen Render

Bernard explains: “What has impressed me from day one has been the quality of the rendered graphics, together with the ability to work in the room rather than as a 2D plan. In time I found and discussed little short cuts and tweaks that have, over the years, been absorbed into the architecture of the software that we have in present day.

BMG Designs Virtual Worlds kitchen render

“Working from my home office, I have been involved with some very well known companies of late, and all have marveled at the photographic quality of the renders I manage to produce with the standard software and the capacity to push near to the limits of its abilities – in order to add that ‘extra touch’ or realism.

“Many users unfortunately, do not see the full extent of Virtual Worlds’ hidden talents and are amazed to see the difference that can be achieved by the simple use of good lighting within scenes.

BMG Designs kitchen virtual plan

“The software is very much an open architecture package and I’ve found that it welcomes a challenge! You can actually insert your own models created in other packages, or those available on the web, into your Virtual Worlds designs. I purchased some additional software and now find it possible to model and produce my own size-specific products, as can be seen in the following image.

BMG Designs kitchen planning software

“OK, so I’m not as clever and experienced with model creation as they are at Virtual Worlds, there is always a learning curve, but it’s well worth having a go yourself to see what you can create. With input, time, and a little patience, you too can hear that sharp intake of breath and the ‘OMG’ or ‘Wow!’ when showing your renders to clients. With the building blocks and open architecture provided by Virtual worlds, so much is achievable!

BMG Designs Virtual Worlds kitchen planner

“I still use a more ‘traditional’ path of design to create plans and elevations for those who require them for production purposes in preference to pure 3D visuals, but the drawing board? –that’s now consigned to use as a working desk and space to rest my printers on!”

If you would like to contact Bernard Griffiths, please drop him a line at: bmg@bmgdesigns.me.uk


May’s FEATURED DESIGNER, Katherine Jenkins of Eau Bathrooms, created this gorgeous boutique bathroom in Northamptonshire using Virtual Worlds 3D room planning software. Katherine explained the project in full to us, in her own words:

“The brief for this bathroom was to provide a ‘boutique’ style en suite bathroom for a young professional couple for their Grade II listed weekend property in Northamptonshire. Within the confines of listed building status, the clients were also keen to accentuate the period features of the property.

Virtual Worlds was invaluable in this particular project, not only for its ability to provide clients with a visual reference for the design, but in this instance, due to the complexity of the room it was vital in providing dimensional data in the planning stages. The particular challenge was the fact that the room had a stairwell coming up through it thereby ruling out any ‘off the shelf’ furniture.

“The current vanity had an impractically long reach to accommodate this stair well.  We solved this problem by raising the floor by approximately 150mm to provide a solution to this challenge.  Eau Bathrooms then commissioned a cabinet maker to produce an entirely bespoke vanity and WC unit, incorporating a Duravit Vero basin and Jacuzzi Novello wall hung WC.

“We then turned our attention to the shower.  The clients wanted a very open, minimalist look but, were reluctant to install a wet room.  Eau Bathrooms commissioned an entirely bespoke composite stone shower tray and Majestic cubicle, with Axor brassware.  A final element to this project was sourcing a large piece of Crema Marfil stone with an acceptable amount of veining for the work surface.

“The clients and Eau Bathrooms are thrilled with the results – no small thanks to Virtual Worlds in providing such a comprehensive design tool that is the backbone of our business.”

For more information on this Featured Designer, visit: www.eaubathrooms.co.uk

Featured Designer – Waterfall Designs

April’s FEATURED DESIGNER is Michael Curry from Waterfall Design in Bath, whose innovative and sensitive kitchen design for a listed building made the final shortlist of just four in the KBB Kitchen Designer of the Year competition in 2010.

Michael used Virtual Worlds 3D Planning Software to create these impressive renders which allowed him to transform a garage into a high-end, stunning kitchen.

Virtual Worlds 3D design by Waterfall Design

This was no ordinary garage. It was originally the space built into the Edwardian stable block of a Georgian country house for storing the horse-drawn fire tender, with bare Bath-stone walls, sloping floor and arched entrance. Permission was granted to enclose the archway and make a new opening into the existing dining room. Waterfall Design were entrusted to come up with a warm, essentially traditional, family kitchen full of style and retaining a sense of the personality and history of the room and architecture – creating a new heart to the home, and integrating with the adjacent dining room. Practical requirements included an LPG gas hob, a microwave, two ovens, recycling storage, a place for the new baby on the floor and in the high-chair, wine storage, somewhere to display glassware and curios and a place for the prized coffee maker. The biggest hindrance to the layout was a panelled cupboard containing the huge lead weights of the estate clock tower above. This was in poor repair but was listed and so had to be worked around.

Virtual Worlds 3D design by Waterfall Design

Virtual Worlds was utilised by Michael to take all aspects of the brief into consideration and create an accurate, photo-realistic design, to allow his clients to see exactly what their new kitchen would look like. Using Virtual Worlds in this way minimises error and the need for changes, and helps to provide a precise budget for work and materials so there are no nasty surprises during the build.

The suggested design retained the bare stone on three of the walls and constructed the kitchen from just three large pieces of furniture – designed and built to the proportions of the room and the clock-weight cupboard. Design features of the proposed island, drawer cabinet and tall cabinet were echoed in the Edwardian architecture, including the leaded glass windows and tongue and grooved wall-panelling; whilst creating a feeling of grandeur, solidity and permanence.

Waterfall Design kitchen

Rounded corners were chosen to “soften” the feel of moving around such large pieces and to reflect and compliment the arched window – the dominant feature of the room. Double bullnose edging on the Sicilian Grey granite further softens the feel of the island, which contains soft-close pan drawers, pull-out wire baskets, pull-out waste management, a Bosch dishwasher and a combination oven and microwave.

Kitchen by Waterfall Design

To unify the scheme of three separate cabinets in the room one external wall was panelled in TGV to match the original panelling of the clock cupboard. The whole wall including the listed cupboard was then painted in a warm taupe to “ground” the scheme and make the cabinets stand out by contrast.

With carefully selected lighting to illuminate the classic lines and proportions of the furniture, terracotta floor tiles with underfloor heating chosen for their warmth and traditional Edwardian style, the resulting design created a beautiful, warm space with timeless elegance!

Waterfall Design kitchen using Virtual Worlds software

Visit www.virtualworlds.co.uk to view the options available for all kinds of room design; from kitchens and bathrooms to playgrounds and whole apartments, Virtual Worlds provides a comprehensive and trusted range of programs for designers and architects.

For more information on the products in this Featured Design, visit www.waterfall-design.co.uk or call 01225 337792.

Featured Designer – Ocean Bathrooms

This month’s FEATURED DESIGNER is Joe Mühl from Ocean Bathrooms in Bridport, Dorset, who transformed an outdated bathroom into a luxurious, open plan design using  Virtual Worlds room planning software.

Virtual Worlds bathroom planning software

The brief required a complete redesign, removing all previous aspects of the room and replacing them with high quality fixtures and fittings to give a sense of space and relaxation.

Though the room itself was large, the arrangement of items such as a central bath made it seem small, dark and awkward. After a site visit by the designer, Joe Mühl, and fitter, Mark Coleman, Joe went to work preparing the 3D design with Virtual Worlds planning software.

virtual worlds bathroom planning software

Virtual Worlds contains everything a designer requires for an impressive, accurate and photo-realistic design, including a wide range of product catalogues so that both designer and client can see exactly what their finished room will look like.

Once Joe had put the finishing touches to his design, the clients were invited along to the showroom where they could view the chosen products, make sure they were happy with the choices and finalise decisions on wood finishes and tiles. Joe was then able to provide them with a detailed quote.

Virtual Worlds bathroom planner

Virtual Worlds bathroom planning software

Where Virtual Worlds 3D room planning software really comes into its own is the level of detail available – meaning that mistakes and alterations are far less likely. Joe’s designs were able to incorporate the exact elements of the room, for example the basin, tiling scheme and even the shaver socket, which led to Ocean Bathrooms being chosen by the client, over another designer who had failed to provide that fine detail, or any openness.

The bathroom included fully tiled floor and walls, with underfloor heating to give a warm, welcoming atmosphere. Part of the customer’s brief was to have a high quality shower that the client “won’t want to get out of”! This came in the form of a Hansgrohe Raindance overhead and hand shower, within a spacious walk-in wetroom with a Matki Eauzone Plus screen.

Virtual Worlds bathroom planning software

One of the main focal points of the room is a stunning Duravit double basin unit. The large Travertine tiles give the bathroom a sense of seamlessness and show off the space whilst also lending a warmth to the room.

Virtual Worlds bathroom planning software

Visit www.virtualworlds.co.uk to view the options available for all kinds of room design; from kitchens and bathrooms to playgrounds and whole apartments, Virtual Worlds provides a comprehensive and trusted range of programs for designers and architects.

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