Welcome to the Virtual Worlds blog

Welcome to the new Virtual Worlds blog site

Hello and Welcome! To our new Virtual Worlds blog.

Each and every one of you reading this is welcome to contribute in any way that you wish. You can either add a “Comment”, or get in touch with us at:  debbie.levey@logicom.com – why not take part in our monthly ‘Designer Feature’ – if you have a case study where you used Virtual Worlds at the design stage, then let us publish it on the Blog – just email me your thoughts and we can hatch a plan!

What might I use the blog for I hear you ask? Well, almost anything you choose which touches on the Virtual Worlds program itself: using it, financing it, expanding its use in your business, getting hold of more 3D models, linking it to other software packages like AutoCad, using its new Web tools – anything you like.

Comments need not be ‘Virtual Worlds’ related; just simply about what you hope and expect from CAD systems in general. You are going to be in a community of increasing numbers of professionals who could have ideas, tips and opinions that may matter to you. They could be interior designers, bathroom, bedroom, or kitchen specialists, architects, or house builders and developers. Our system is spreading its wings and where we’re flying to will make up most of the blog content.

We will keep you up to speed with what’s cooking here at Logicom HQ and hope you find the new blog valuable and interesting.

Looking forward to hearing from you very soon!

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