Featured Manufacturer: Heritage Bathrooms


Heritage Bathrooms understand the importance of having a bathroom that their consumers would love. Whether they are making home improvements or starting from scratch, the bathroom is the room that will bookend the day and getting it right is a must.

Our aim is to bring consumers no less than the highest quality, most inspirational and beautifully designed bathroom solutions that are individually crafted for our consumer’s home and lifestyle.  When purchasing a new bathroom, nothing can compare with seeing it “live” before installation so to make the right choice.

Marketing Manager, Kaouther Montacer Shilvock, comments Heritage Bathrooms combines classic designs with the latest technology. With this in mind, we constantly refine our range of products to reflect our customer’s needs and today’s trend.”  We consistantly review the purchasing journey with our customer base, in order to offer new service that would facilitate the choice. Consumers are very motivated by help with visualising/designing their bathroom. They may have selected a design or style, but struggle to fully appreciate what the final result will look like.

With Virtual Worlds 3D software, any design can be transformed in unrivalled ‘real time’ simulation using stunning high-quality images, bringing life to the project and providing that all important emotional connection between the consumer and their new bathroom.

Virtual Worlds allows showroom staff to create bathroom renders quickly and easily. Consumers can try out different colour schemes and tiles, all with their bathroom being effortlessly designed around any doors and windows.

      “Heritage Selected Virtual Worlds as their supplier in this project as they were the ideal partner within the market place, with a great product and overall service level”

One of the biggest benefits of Virtual Worlds is the facility to instantly upload new products from the extensive Heritage range, making them immediately available to consumers. Not every showroom will have the luxury of space to display our full breadth of products, but they are available online in an unrestricted 3D environment; ensuring that consumers have the very best Heritage experience whilst making those right decisions.


For more information on Virtual Worlds vist www.virtualworlds.co.uk

Zehnder: Catalogue Release – June 2011

Virtual Worlds is thrilled to announce the release of a new catalogue from Zehnder, which is now available to download from the Virtual Worlds User Centre

This extensive new catalogue features a vast range from Zehnder’s retail collection of radiators and extractor fans

Zehnder’s catalogue is also our second to include a ‘catalogue forum’ – which is easily accessible via the catalogue tab in Virtual Worlds  and allows users to communicate any queries or feedback to us here at HQ!  

If you require assistance with downloading or using the catalogue, please contact the Virtual Worlds Support Team on: 01908 448 899

Heritage Bathrooms: Catalogue Release – June 2011

The new Bathroom catalogue from Heritage has been released today by Virtual Worlds and is now available to download from the Virtual Worlds User Centre – no password required.

This new catalogue contains the complete Heritage range of baths, furniture, heated towel rails, sanitaryware, shower enclosures and trays, taps, showers and wastes.

Virtual Worlds’ pack and connection point features are taken full advantage of in this catalogue; giving Virtual Worlds users the ability to quickly and easily create their bathroom designs.

The new catalogue is also the first to include a ‘catalogue forum’ which provides access via the catalogue tab in Virtual Worlds and allows users to communicate any queries or feedback to us here at HQ!   

If you require assistance with downloading or using the catalogue, please contact the Virtual Worlds Support Team on: 01908 448 899

Victoria & Albert Baths: Catalogue Update June 2011

The new and updated furniture catalogue for Victoria & Albert Baths is now available for downloading from the Virtual Worlds User Centre – no password required.

This new version now contains the latest Barcelona Bath and Barcelona 64 Basin.

If you require assistance with downloading or using the catalogue, please contact the Virtual Worlds Support Team on: 01908 448 899

Life after KBB London 2011

Well, KBB London 2011 has been and gone for another year and it’s now back to normality!

Well, KBB London 2011 has been and gone for another year and it’s now back to normality!

We had a great show and took full advantage of the event to meet lots of new faces and of course, some old ones! It also gave us a chance to showcase our swish new marketing material, which seemed to go down a storm and I’m sure, contributed to our overall success at Excel this year.





The Virtual Worlds team were rushed off their feet for most of the three days and have been really busy since getting back to the office, following up on all the Virtual Worlds enquiries that were taken.

The team had lots of interest in our Virtual Worlds software packages, in particular our new Virtual Worlds online: VWo – which transforms your design and presents it live on the web, in unrivalled ‘real time’ simulation!



So if you missed us at the show (tut, tut..), but feel you would like to know more about Virtual Worlds and how it could help maximize your business performance.

Don’t waste a moment – ensure your competitive advantage today and call us for a demo!

Speak to one of the sales team on: 01908 663 848 or drop us a line at: sales@virtualworlds.co.uk




This month’s FEATURED DESIGNER is Bernard Griffiths from BMG Designs. Bernard has worked in the kitchen industry for nearly 30 years and has tried and tested many forms of kitchen design software over the years, but it was not until he discovered Virtual Worlds – a fellow Milton Keynes business – in 1999 that he realised how useful our room planning software could be.

Bernard was a beta tester for early Virtual Worlds updates, helping us to create and adapt our kitchen package with the experience and first-hand knowledge of a working designer. Bernard now offers his drawing services and long-term knowledge of Virtual Worlds as additional design help to those who require it. He can also provide one-to-one training and advice on getting the best out of our 3D room planning software.

BMG Designs Virtual Worlds Kitchen Render

Bernard explains: “What has impressed me from day one has been the quality of the rendered graphics, together with the ability to work in the room rather than as a 2D plan. In time I found and discussed little short cuts and tweaks that have, over the years, been absorbed into the architecture of the software that we have in present day.

BMG Designs Virtual Worlds kitchen render

“Working from my home office, I have been involved with some very well known companies of late, and all have marveled at the photographic quality of the renders I manage to produce with the standard software and the capacity to push near to the limits of its abilities – in order to add that ‘extra touch’ or realism.

“Many users unfortunately, do not see the full extent of Virtual Worlds’ hidden talents and are amazed to see the difference that can be achieved by the simple use of good lighting within scenes.

BMG Designs kitchen virtual plan

“The software is very much an open architecture package and I’ve found that it welcomes a challenge! You can actually insert your own models created in other packages, or those available on the web, into your Virtual Worlds designs. I purchased some additional software and now find it possible to model and produce my own size-specific products, as can be seen in the following image.

BMG Designs kitchen planning software

“OK, so I’m not as clever and experienced with model creation as they are at Virtual Worlds, there is always a learning curve, but it’s well worth having a go yourself to see what you can create. With input, time, and a little patience, you too can hear that sharp intake of breath and the ‘OMG’ or ‘Wow!’ when showing your renders to clients. With the building blocks and open architecture provided by Virtual worlds, so much is achievable!

BMG Designs Virtual Worlds kitchen planner

“I still use a more ‘traditional’ path of design to create plans and elevations for those who require them for production purposes in preference to pure 3D visuals, but the drawing board? –that’s now consigned to use as a working desk and space to rest my printers on!”

If you would like to contact Bernard Griffiths, please drop him a line at: bmg@bmgdesigns.me.uk

Testimonials – Manufacturers

Here at Virtual Worlds, we work very closely with our manufacturer clients. The number making their products available on Virtual Worlds, is continually growing and to see just how happy they are, why not read some of their comments below:

Heritage Bathrooms

“Heritage Selected Virtual Worlds as their supplier in this project as they were the ideal partner within the market place, with a great product and overall service level…. Virtual Worlds is a fantastic piece of kit that enables retailers to showcase a really wide choice of products and to increase sales opportunities. From a commercial perspective, not being able to visualise the finished look is often a stumbling block in the sales process. With the new Heritage Bathrooms 3D planner on Virtual Worlds, it will be much easier for the showrooms to help customers bring their dream bathroom to life. As such, we are expecting to see a much easier conversion of initial interest into actual sales”


“From the very concept of there being a Zehnder product catalogue, right through to it’s completion and release, the team at Virtual Worlds have been simply terrific and consummate professionals at all times. Here at Zehnder, we fully appreciate the importance of reaching as many of our retail partners as possible, to enable Zehnder product selection at that pivotal design stage. By joining Virtual Worlds, we can ensure the growing number of retailers investing in the software have full access to our range, whilst providing an unrivalled customer experience and maximising the chance of that all important sale!”


“Virtual worlds offers a bench mark solution to the bathroom industry as a whole, as well as wide accessibility across retail showrooms in the UK. The planning software gives bathroom retailers an easy method in selecting the latest products from manufacturer portfolios, whilst delivering a vital platform to ensure their consumers can gain a visual bathroom reference – an essential tool when consumers are considering and making buying decisions.”

Imperial Bathrooms

“We already know that Virtual Worlds is of great importance and assistance to our retailers and specifiers when they are presenting and selling our product portfolio to their customers and designing spectacular new bathrooms, incorporating our UK manufactured classic ceramic ware.”


“Dansani is very pleased to support the Virtual Worlds Cad program, which we believe is the best on the market for us. Dansani has a clear strategy to support our retailers who invest into the Virtual Worlds, and keeping our catalogues up to date is therefore of paramount importance. The quality of the program enables our retail partners to produce very professional presentations, ensuring they get that all important sale.  We happily recommend and endorse not just the program, but all the staff at Logicom. They are a pleasure to do business with!”

Testimonials – Virtual Worlds Users

Not wanting to ‘blow our own trumpet’ – but why not read what some of our satisfied customers have to say about Virtual Worlds…

Mr M Munir, Leigh Plumbing Merchants

‘I am writing to express my appreciation and extend my gratitude to you and your team. I am extremely impressed at the level of customer service I received from your representitive Kiran last week, who helped me in resetting Virtual Worlds on my new PC after losing data. Kiran is a credit to your team and it was wonderful to have such a knowledgeable and helpful agent to guide me through the process. I hope this fantastic level of service continues and once again, many thanks’  

Tony Loveridge, Loveridge Kitchens & Bathrooms

Virtual Worlds is fast becoming the kitchen and bathroom presentation aid we should all have. The range of this easy to use software is increasing all the time and should you require assistance, the support team at Logicom are always pleased to help. I would have no hesitation in recommending Virtual Worlds to anyone wanting to improve the quality and appearance of their quotations.

Alan Wagstaffe, Fairfield Builders Supplies

‘I have been using Virtual Worlds for bathrooms for 4 years, on average 500 plans a year. The updates have been fast, back up superb, the best bathroom sales tool on the market’.

Andrew Norman, Simply Bathrooms

‘Virtual Worlds allows us to give our customers an extensive quotation package, which has transformed the way we present our quotations. Not only can we price but we can provide an accurate image giving us a better success rate. Virtual Worlds is always looking to move forward and work with the manufacturers and end user. Also the technical team are always available and provided excellent help and support’.

Stuart Done, S.J. Building Services

‘I cannot tell you how much the software has helped me in presenting a professional looking and effortless response to all enquiries. The acceptance percentage has increased by an amazing 25% in just six months and I am now able to supply a quotation within seven to ten days, when previously some clients were waiting for up to six weeks for a response’.

Steven Peffers, Gordon Forsyth Building Services

‘Virtual Worlds is the essential way forward for selling the Bathrooms of the future’.

Ralph Leaney, Leaneys of Lancing

‘At last, at last, Virtual Worlds, brings high quality photorealistic images from a CAD system into the bathroom retailers sales aid toolbox’.

Dansani: New ‘Special Collection’ Catalogue Release – May 2011


The new ‘Special Collection’ catalogue for Dansani has been released by Virtual Worlds and is now available for downloading from the Virtual Worlds User Centre – it is password protected.

This new Dansani catalogue contains a compact range of vanity units for their Andante, Allegro and Menuet basins (which are also part of the catalogue); along with accompanying tall units, wall units, mirrors and mirror cabinets.  

If you require assistance with downloading or using the catalogue, please contact the Virtual Worlds Support Team on: 01908 448 899

One Touch Tiling Tile Collection: Catalogue Additions – May 2011

The new additions for our One Touch Tiling Tile Collection are now available for downloading from the Virtual Worlds User Centre.

The collection now offers a large set of glass tiles, in five sub-catalogues:

  • Pencils
  • Plain
  • Rustic
  • Smooth
  • Stippled

There are 60 different tile colours – and for the Plain, Rustic, Smooth and Stippled options: 182 sizes.

If you require assistance with downloading or using the catalogue, please contact the Virtual Worlds Support Team on: 01908 448 899