Crosswater Group: New Catalogue Release – August 2011

Virtual Worlds are very excited to announce the release of their new Crosswater Group catalogues – available now, from the Virtual Worlds User Centre.

Products included are: All Bauhaus furniture and sanitaryware, a large selection of Crosswater taps and brassware, and all the Simpsons shower enclosures and bath screens – each with the added benefit of a Catalogue Forum, easily accessible via the ‘catalogue tab’ in Virtual Worlds, so enabling users to communicate any queries or feedback, to us here at HQ!

If you require any assistance with downloading or using the catalogue, please contact Virtual Worlds Support Team on: 01908 448 899

Hints ‘n’ Tips from our Intrepid Designer: Tricks of the Trade – Image Enhancing

Welcome to the second part of our Hints ‘n’ Tips Section on Image Enhancing.

Image Enhancing – part two

Continuing with our theme on enhacing render images – another great little trick I often use when creating kitchen designs, is adding the look of flowing water from a tap.

The running water movement is not dissimilar to the folds in a curtain; so just import a curtain .3ds model, shrink it down to fit the diameter of the tap spout and add a water material finish.

Again… so very simple, but I think you will agree, it works extremely well!

Hope you give it a try when next doing a kitchen render! If you do, why not send us your render images and we can post them on the blog.

T: 01908 663 848                                                                        E:

Hints ‘n’ Tips from our Intrepid Designer: Tricks of the Trade – Image Enhancing

Welcome to our first Hints ‘n’ Tips section from Virtual Worlds very own ‘Intrepid Designer’!

These regular features will contain little tried & tested ‘nuggets of gold’ that hopefully, all you Virtual Worlds users can fully utilise and perhaps put into practice in your own designs and ultimately, enhance your client’s design experience.

Here’s our Intrepid Designer’s first instalment:

Image Enhancing – part one

If you like to go that extra mile for your clients to help seal the deal - why not use some of my tricks of the trade for enhancing your render images! Little touches, such as adding steam to a boiling kettle or saucepan on the hob, really help to bring a design alive and are easily achieved post render, by running the image through Corel PaintShop Photo Pro X3 – which I personally find much easier to get to grips with than Adobe Photoshop!

And to complete the look – how about a realistic glow under the saucepans! Again, very easily accomplished in the render itself – with a self luminescent material finish on a shaped ring, placed above the hob burners.

Both are simple tweaks, but extremely effective – well worth spending that extra time perfecting!

Part Two to follow soon.