Newsflash: Virtual Worlds to attend Interiors UK 2012


Oh yes! Virtual Worlds are going to be there – Hall 1 stand C42 – and frankly, we can’t wait!!!

We are so excited about launching our new Virtual Worlds feature ‘Dynamic Textures’ at the show, that we are quite giddy with the prospect. 

If you’re an interior designer, bedroom designer, or architect also dealing with interiors, then hearing all about Dynamic Textures is an absolute must for you.

Not only is it just a great additional option in the Virtual Worlds software package which provides a much larger selection of choices in wallpaper and paint choices etc – but if you work with fabrics and soft furnishings, then with it’s unique ability to automatically size a repeat pattern and add texture graphics across sofas, cushions, curtains, pelmets and the like – it quite simply will be invaluable to you!

Make sure you’re not left behind… 

Make sure you know all about Dynamic Textures… 

Make sure you attend the Interiors UK show at the NEC in January: 22nd – 25th

Visit Virtual Worlds Hall 1 stand C42 – well worth the effort!

November Catalogue Release: Mereway Kitchens

The last of our Virtual Worlds’ November releases is for Mereway Kitchens – with the new updated version now containing the very latest units, door styles and finish options from the Complete Kitchen Collection, Cucina Colore and Futura catalogues.

For any technical assistance with using Virtual Worlds design software, or downloading catalogues – just contact the Support Team direct on: 01908 448 899

November 2011 Catalogue Release: Aqata

The next of our November releases is for Aqata.

The updated version now reflects the current new product codes and definitions from the complete range.

You can find all our catalogues on the Virtual Worlds User Centre, but if you require any assistance, just call and speak to one of the Virtual Worlds Support Team – they will be pleased to help out!
Support Team Direct Line: 01908 448 899

November 2011 Catalogue Release: Roca Sanitaryware

November was indeed a very busy month for Virtual Worlds – we have several further catalogue releases under our belt, with the first being Roca Sanitaryware.

The new version now includes the W+W unit and is available for immediate downloads from the Virtual Worlds User Centre.

Support Team Direct Line: 01908 448 899

November Catalogue Releases: Woodstock Calypso

Virtual Worlds have also just released an updated catalogue for Woodstock Calypso. It’s available now for immediate access and downloads and contains some new products and a discontinued range.
Just visit the Virtual Worlds user centre and if you need any assistance, then please call the Support Team and they will be more than happy to help! 01908 448 899

November Catalogue Releases: Dansani Curvo

November is looking to be as equally busy for the team here at Virtual Worlds, as October was!

We have the new ‘Curvo’ catalogue from Dansani now available on the Virtual Worlds user centre, for immediate downloads and is password protected. It features all the latest Curvo vanity units, basins and mirrors available in the range.                                                                                  
And as always, if you need any assisstance with access or downloading, then just give the Support Team a call on: 01908 663848

Hints ‘n’ tips from our Intrepid Designer: 2K Render or not 2K Render?

Using the Software for many Virtual Worlds users is often just about selecting units, worktops and appliances; or sanitary ware, showers, floor and wall finishings. Sadly, not everyone puts as much thought into their final render quality. Some designers I’ve spoken with never exceed beyond a 2K render but although good, it will lack that depth of detail when zooming in to explore the image.

I tend to work on 4K renders as a minimum and quite often throw in a higher quality render of the best image. The picture shown below, although having gone through Corel Paintshop Photo Pro to enrich the colour, I think you will agree even just at 4K, the detail is far better than you would achieve with a 2K render!

If I can achieve a 7K, then I will most definitely let it run if I have that additional day free. There has to be something in those sharp intakes of breath and the ‘OMG’ or ‘WOW!’ comments, when I reveal my renders to clients.

Yes, it takes a little patience and input from me, plus some spare time ‘tinkering’ with ideas; but so much is achievable from the building blocks and open architecture that Virtual Worlds 3D design software provides – the end result and sealing that deal with the client, makes it so worth going that extra mile!

Why don’t you give it a try – you’ll wonder why you never did it sooner!