New Version 5.8 ‘Hot off the press’… well almost!!

Have you all downloaded the new version of Virtual Worlds yet? And if not, why not?

The new all singing all dancing 5.8 version, is now out and ready to be downloaded from the Virtual Worlds User Centre! So before you think ‘I’m quite happy with the version I have’ here are just some of the new key features that come with 5.8 and which you will miss out on, if not downloaded:

  • Users can now download plans and drawings developed in AutoCAD or Google Sketch Up into Virtual Worlds Professional, such as architects’ or builders’ plans, to create their own KBB designs and then export the final plans back in a compatible file format 


  • Virtual Worlds 5.8 now automatically carries out maintenance checks and actions on opening the programme – this sees the system regularly updated with licence information and ensures crucial computer services are kept running


  • The new version of Virtual Worlds has significant improvements to hard copy reports generated in the 2D plans and elevations section, in order to enhance the quality of visuals to show customers. Thus further improving the user experience

Plus, some of the latest product catalogues are only available if you have the new version on your PC! So quite simply, if you want to make sure you have access to the very latest product ranges from all our manufacturers, don’t waste another minute; get yourself to the Virtual Worlds User Centre on and get downloading.

But if you are completely new to the idea of CAD for designing and fear you’re getting left behind in the world of kitchen, bedroom, bathroom or interior design; why not give our sales team a call, or drop them an email! Virtual Worlds is well known for it’s ease of use, impressive photo-realistic renders, real-time interactive fly-through function and comprehensive library of manufacturer catalogues. Make sure you can take advantage of Virtual Worlds’ sophisticated and intuitive software package – the only design tool to give you a real competitive edge! 

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Well… KBB Show is over for yet another year!

And what a fantastic show it was as well and it all started off the week before, with the stand build!

From little acorns…

Boxes and rubbish everywhere… but the boys (Nick & Paul) worked really hard painting and drilling, until the stage was finally ready for us to dress – the best part! We had wanted something a little different from all the other stands and opted for a lovely room set – so we got busy with sofas, table, cabinets and picture frames. Although we suffered with a few stiff backs and aching joints, we could finally see some light at the end of the tunnel! And with a quick hoover and a last tweak, we were almost ready for the gates to open…

We were particularly proud of the hanging pictures! Our modelling team had generated some fabulous images for us to use and showcase the Virtual Worlds software. Everyone who visted the stand over the four days agreed wholeheartedly, they all looked simply stunning on the wall!

So for those that couldn’t make the show, here are a few of those images…

A beautiful dresser from Mereway Kitchens – product catalogue available in Virtual Worlds

And two fabulous images showing Virtual Worlds’ versatility within rooms such as the lounge and bedroom…

And with all our hard work now in place – all that was left was to be ready for Sunday morning. Before we knew it, the numbers of visitors to our stand began to grow – interest in Virtual Worlds was really promising and the day just flew by! Phew! Monday was much the same, with lots of new enquiries, plus many of our software users popping onto the stand for a natter.

With a change of staff for Tuesday and Wednesday, it was time to take a mooch around the show. Started off nicely with a lovely invite to a champagne reception and great talks by some very inspiring architects (sponsored by BD Online) – in particular Patrick Reardon from ReardonSmith Architects. Very much enjoyed! Then met with all our favourite advertisers, eased along with a much appreciated mojito from Luke Sutton – mobile cocktail barman from Speak Easy Bars very kindly hosted by Cosentino on their ‘always busy’ stand.

Wednesday was equally enjoyable (we may have sneaked another mojito) and continued to be busy, busy, busy – met with some really lovely people: manufacturers, retailers/designers, and interior designers. Saw some wonderful stands and took loads of orders for Virtual Worlds! What could be better! ;-)

There are some final images I just had to add (personal favourites) from a stand I visited at the show with really eyecatching baths, by the Mosaic Bath Company – would really love the yellow one in my bathroom – lush!


How great would these baths look in a Virtual Worlds product catalogue!

So.. to round up for KBB Birmingham 2012 – a great time was indeed had by all! But if you missed our stand and would like to know more about Virtual Worlds’ design software, then why not drop us an email at: or if you prefer to chat on the phone, call to speak to one of our sales team on: 01908 663848 – they’re a very friendly bunch!

Here’s to KBB 2013