Virtual Worlds CAD expands free catalogues with theshowerlab portfolio

For the first time, the showerlab’s product portfolio is available in CAD format. Theshowerlab’s standard and bespoke catalogues are recent additions to Virtual Worlds Professional CAD software and are made available to all current users, free of charge, in 3D interactive and 2D plan format.

Virtual Worlds has developed new functions, which enable the rapid and accurate creation of bespoke designs. Controlled Parametric Scaling allows glass panels and doors to be resized, automatically and proportionally re-sizing components, such as profile channels and connecting glass enclosure panels. Resize and Track facilitates rapid editing of an existing design and automatic sizing of selected products, whilst Hole Cutting replaces previously time-consuming elements such as inserting finger hole handles, with a single mouse click.

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CAD has expanded beyond simply design

CAD in the KBB sector traditionally created attractive, quality pictures, but it has developed far beyond this
simplistic role. Today, it offers rapid and simple to use integrated solutions for sales, design, specification, planning and ordering.

Most notable are the advances in the last five years. Automatic connection points and work-top sizing, collision detection, one-touch tiling and interactive 3D visualisation are just a few of the functions now available. These eradicate costly design mistakes, significantly accelerate the design and planning process and facilitate editing in front of the customer. The best CAD has become an impressive selling tool.

So what do consumers think? The majority first browse online, viewing product videos and the like. For them, a 2D line drawing of their new kitchen or bathroom is not viable, especially when they are spending thousands of pounds; whereas CAD’s 3D interactive and photo-realistic visuals inspire customers to commit and buy.

With increasing computer speed and higher quality visuals, I anticipate the world of real-time, 3D interactive technology will become the norm. Customers will be able to walk around their proposed new kitchen and bathroom via large format screens or even life-size projection, and at home using a video link. Fuelled by consumer expectations, CAD is here to stay and promises to expand into an even more powerful business tool.

(As found in BKU October edition)