Featured Designer – Waterfall Designs

April’s FEATURED DESIGNER is Michael Curry from Waterfall Design in Bath, whose innovative and sensitive kitchen design for a listed building made the final shortlist of just four in the KBB Kitchen Designer of the Year competition in 2010.

Michael used Virtual Worlds 3D Planning Software to create these impressive renders which allowed him to transform a garage into a high-end, stunning kitchen.

Virtual Worlds 3D design by Waterfall Design

This was no ordinary garage. It was originally the space built into the Edwardian stable block of a Georgian country house for storing the horse-drawn fire tender, with bare Bath-stone walls, sloping floor and arched entrance. Permission was granted to enclose the archway and make a new opening into the existing dining room. Waterfall Design were entrusted to come up with a warm, essentially traditional, family kitchen full of style and retaining a sense of the personality and history of the room and architecture – creating a new heart to the home, and integrating with the adjacent dining room. Practical requirements included an LPG gas hob, a microwave, two ovens, recycling storage, a place for the new baby on the floor and in the high-chair, wine storage, somewhere to display glassware and curios and a place for the prized coffee maker. The biggest hindrance to the layout was a panelled cupboard containing the huge lead weights of the estate clock tower above. This was in poor repair but was listed and so had to be worked around.

Virtual Worlds 3D design by Waterfall Design

Virtual Worlds was utilised by Michael to take all aspects of the brief into consideration and create an accurate, photo-realistic design, to allow his clients to see exactly what their new kitchen would look like. Using Virtual Worlds in this way minimises error and the need for changes, and helps to provide a precise budget for work and materials so there are no nasty surprises during the build.

The suggested design retained the bare stone on three of the walls and constructed the kitchen from just three large pieces of furniture – designed and built to the proportions of the room and the clock-weight cupboard. Design features of the proposed island, drawer cabinet and tall cabinet were echoed in the Edwardian architecture, including the leaded glass windows and tongue and grooved wall-panelling; whilst creating a feeling of grandeur, solidity and permanence.

Waterfall Design kitchen

Rounded corners were chosen to “soften” the feel of moving around such large pieces and to reflect and compliment the arched window – the dominant feature of the room. Double bullnose edging on the Sicilian Grey granite further softens the feel of the island, which contains soft-close pan drawers, pull-out wire baskets, pull-out waste management, a Bosch dishwasher and a combination oven and microwave.

Kitchen by Waterfall Design

To unify the scheme of three separate cabinets in the room one external wall was panelled in TGV to match the original panelling of the clock cupboard. The whole wall including the listed cupboard was then painted in a warm taupe to “ground” the scheme and make the cabinets stand out by contrast.

With carefully selected lighting to illuminate the classic lines and proportions of the furniture, terracotta floor tiles with underfloor heating chosen for their warmth and traditional Edwardian style, the resulting design created a beautiful, warm space with timeless elegance!

Waterfall Design kitchen using Virtual Worlds software

Visit www.virtualworlds.co.uk to view the options available for all kinds of room design; from kitchens and bathrooms to playgrounds and whole apartments, Virtual Worlds provides a comprehensive and trusted range of programs for designers and architects.

For more information on the products in this Featured Design, visit www.waterfall-design.co.uk or call 01225 337792.

Virtual Worlds 5.7.9 Update

Version 5.7.9 of Virtual Worlds is now available to access on the user centre. This new version is recommended for users with Windows Vista or Windows 7, as it ensures compatibility between Virtual Worlds and Internet Explorer 9.

Please Note: Users with Windows XP and Virtual Worlds version 5.7.8 DO NOT need this upgrade!

If you require any assistance with the above, please contact the Virtual Worlds Support Team on: 01908 448 899

News Flash: Virtual Worlds Launch New ‘Web Design Viewer’

Virtual Worlds is pleased to announce the exciting arrival of: Virtual Worlds online (VWo)

With this new innovative system, it is now possible to actually ‘Publish’ your Virtual Worlds designs on the Internet in a totally secure environment, solely for specific customer viewing in 3D on their home PC; with the interactive Virtual Worlds viewer allowing them the facility to ‘fly’ around your design.

All customers need do, is download a small viewer program and they will have access to this great new viewing function; with only you as the designer, being able to make any alterations. You do not even need to have your own website and the only limitation to the service, is that your designs incorporate models from current Virtual Worlds catalogues.

Initial download offer is 4 FREE designs

After that, a very simple ‘Tariff’ based pricing structure is in place, similar to the concept  favoured by mobile phone providers.

So why not email the Virtual Worlds team on: vworlds.sales@logicom.com and start increasing your sales today!

New Catalogue Updates

Logicom is pleased to announce that six new catalogues are now available from the Virtual Worlds User Centre. Brand new ranges from Mereway Bathrooms, Dansani Luna, Zaro, Woodstock Calypso, Johnson Tiles, SBH Radiators and Villeroy & Boch Tiles are broadening the choice of highest quality products for use in your Virtual Worlds plans and renders.

Virtual Worlds Mereway Bathrooms New Catalogue

The new Mereway Bathrooms catalogue includes the complete range of furniture from the Infinity and Synergy product ranges, as well as the sanitaryware, brassware and accessories available from Mereway.

Virtual Worlds Dansani Luna and Zaro Catalogues

The new versions of the Dansani Luna and Zaro catalogues feature all of the latest vanity units, basins and mirrors available from the Luna and Zaro product ranges. The catalogues are password protected for Dansani users.

Dansani says: “Dansani is very pleased to support the Virtual Worlds Cad program, which we believe is the best on the market for us. Dansani has a clear strategy to support our retailers who invest into the Virtual Worlds, and keeping our catalogues up to date is therefore of paramount importance. The quality of the program enables our retail partners to produce very professional presentations, ensuring they get that all important sale.  We happily recommend and endorse not just the program, but all the staff at Logicom. They are a pleasure to do business with!”

Virtual Worlds Johnson Tiles New Catalogue

The new version of the Johnson Tiles catalogue contains many new ranges of tiles from the Johnson Tiles product range, including the Kerastar and Elements ranges.

Virtual Worlds Woodstock Calypso New Catalogue

The Woodstock Calypso catalogue has been updated and is now available from the Virtual Worlds User Centre. It includes the complete range of bathroom furniture and sanitaryware products and styles currently available.

Virtual Worlds SBH Radiators New Catalogue

The new version of the SBH Radiators catalogue includes the complete range of radiators and heated towel rails available from SBH Radiators.

Virtual Worlds Villeroy & Boch New Catalogue

The new version of the Villeroy & Boch Tile catalogue is now available for One Touch Tiling Users. This catalogue is password-protected for Villeroy & Boch retailers.

For any assistance in downloading and using any of the new catalogues, please contact the Virtual Worlds support team on 01908 448899.

Featured Designer – Ocean Bathrooms

This month’s FEATURED DESIGNER is Joe Mühl from Ocean Bathrooms in Bridport, Dorset, who transformed an outdated bathroom into a luxurious, open plan design using  Virtual Worlds room planning software.

Virtual Worlds bathroom planning software

The brief required a complete redesign, removing all previous aspects of the room and replacing them with high quality fixtures and fittings to give a sense of space and relaxation.

Though the room itself was large, the arrangement of items such as a central bath made it seem small, dark and awkward. After a site visit by the designer, Joe Mühl, and fitter, Mark Coleman, Joe went to work preparing the 3D design with Virtual Worlds planning software.

virtual worlds bathroom planning software

Virtual Worlds contains everything a designer requires for an impressive, accurate and photo-realistic design, including a wide range of product catalogues so that both designer and client can see exactly what their finished room will look like.

Once Joe had put the finishing touches to his design, the clients were invited along to the showroom where they could view the chosen products, make sure they were happy with the choices and finalise decisions on wood finishes and tiles. Joe was then able to provide them with a detailed quote.

Virtual Worlds bathroom planner

Virtual Worlds bathroom planning software

Where Virtual Worlds 3D room planning software really comes into its own is the level of detail available – meaning that mistakes and alterations are far less likely. Joe’s designs were able to incorporate the exact elements of the room, for example the basin, tiling scheme and even the shaver socket, which led to Ocean Bathrooms being chosen by the client, over another designer who had failed to provide that fine detail, or any openness.

The bathroom included fully tiled floor and walls, with underfloor heating to give a warm, welcoming atmosphere. Part of the customer’s brief was to have a high quality shower that the client “won’t want to get out of”! This came in the form of a Hansgrohe Raindance overhead and hand shower, within a spacious walk-in wetroom with a Matki Eauzone Plus screen.

Virtual Worlds bathroom planning software

One of the main focal points of the room is a stunning Duravit double basin unit. The large Travertine tiles give the bathroom a sense of seamlessness and show off the space whilst also lending a warmth to the room.

Virtual Worlds bathroom planning software

Visit www.virtualworlds.co.uk to view the options available for all kinds of room design; from kitchens and bathrooms to playgrounds and whole apartments, Virtual Worlds provides a comprehensive and trusted range of programs for designers and architects.

For more information on the products in this Featured Design, visit www.oceanbathrooms.com or call 01308 420011

Three new bathroom catalogues available!

Logicom is pleased to announce that three new catalogues are now available from the Virtual Worlds User Centre. Brand new ranges from Imperial Sanitaryware, Grohe and Roca Bathrooms are broadening the choice of highest quality products for use in your Virtual Worlds plans and renders.



“Quintissentially British”, the Imperial Bathrooms catalogue contains sanitaryware from their Westminster, Drift, Bergier, Etoile and Astoria Deco ranges. Imperial Bathrooms were “delighted” to be represented on Virtual worlds:

 “We already know that Virtual Worlds is of great importance and assistance to our retailers and specifiers when they are presenting and selling our product portfolio to their customers and designing spectacular new bathrooms, incorporating our UK manufactured classic ceramic ware.”


*       *      *



The new Grohe catalogue includes many new bath fillers and basin mixers, flush plates, shower valves, heads and systems. A representative from Grohe explained:

 “Virtual worlds offers a bench mark solution to the bathroom industry as a whole, as well as wide accessibility across retail showrooms in the UK. The planning software gives bathroom retailers an easy method in selecting the latest products from manufacturer portfolios, whilst delivering a vital platform to ensure their consumers can gain a visual bathroom reference – an essential tool when consumers are considering and making buying decisions.”


*      *      *


Roca’s new catalogue contains the latest sanitaryware, baths, furniture, shower enclosures and brassware from the Roca product range.

Virtual Worlds 3D interior design software packages are the most powerful and sophisticated programs on the market today. Their versatility and ease of use makes them the perfect room planning sales tool for bathroom design. For any assistance in downloading and using the catalogue, please contact the Virtual Worlds support team, or call on 01908 448899

New breakthrough in Fabrics and wallpapers for Interior Design CAD

The texture "mapping" problem
The texture "mapping" problem

One of our major strategic aims is to expand the markets for Virtual Worlds as well as to increase its value and effectiveness for our existing users. In its traditional applications for kitchen, bathroom and bedroom planning Virtual Worlds is, we feel, the best design software around. However, to make it even better for Interior Designers generally, we thought we should address a major problem that confronts designers who wish to be totally flexible in the application of textures of wallpapers and fabrics. And the problem is…..? Well, it’s all to do with the nature of 3D models.

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New Elevations feature in Virtual Worlds Tiling

Full and cut tiles
Full and cut tiles

elevation 1

Practical and economic benefits from new functions

Now, when you tile a wall accurately in Virtual Worlds, you can create different types of Elevation drawing for your client on the one hand and for your tile installer on the other. The former can help to illustrate how well the design process has been done -and which tiles go where; the latter can show the exact positioning of each tile in the layout and which tiles are going to be cut on site. The first can help in the all-important process of getting the job; the second can save you time and money by detailing exactly what goes where – down to the millimetre.

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Welcome to the Virtual Worlds blog

Welcome to the new Virtual Worlds blog site

Hello and Welcome! To our new Virtual Worlds blog.

Each and every one of you reading this is welcome to contribute in any way that you wish. You can either add a “Comment”, or get in touch with us at:  debbie.levey@logicom.com – why not take part in our monthly ‘Designer Feature’ – if you have a case study where you used Virtual Worlds at the design stage, then let us publish it on the Blog – just email me your thoughts and we can hatch a plan!

What might I use the blog for I hear you ask? Well, almost anything you choose which touches on the Virtual Worlds program itself: using it, financing it, expanding its use in your business, getting hold of more 3D models, linking it to other software packages like AutoCad, using its new Web tools – anything you like.

Comments need not be ‘Virtual Worlds’ related; just simply about what you hope and expect from CAD systems in general. You are going to be in a community of increasing numbers of professionals who could have ideas, tips and opinions that may matter to you. They could be interior designers, bathroom, bedroom, or kitchen specialists, architects, or house builders and developers. Our system is spreading its wings and where we’re flying to will make up most of the blog content.

We will keep you up to speed with what’s cooking here at Logicom HQ and hope you find the new blog valuable and interesting.

Looking forward to hearing from you very soon!

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