Maximise The Millennial Movement…

With a new report highlighting the millennial generation as the UK’s most active renovators and decorators, Virtual Worlds is reminding retailers of the importance of selling on the benefits of CAD technology to this captive audience.

According to a new report by Houzz, over half (57%) of millennial homeowners (aged 25 to 34) renovated their home in 2015, which was in line other age categories. However, millennials far outpaced other generations when it’s comes to delving into decorating – with 79% having recently redecorated compared with 71% of those aged 35 to 54 and 68% of those 55 and over.

Nathan Maclean, managing director of Virtual Worlds comments: “It is interesting to see this distinctive market shift as the younger catchment group begin to enter the housing market and invest in customising their new home. More so, with the report showing that the kitchen is the second most prevalent home improvement focus, shortly followed by the bathroom, it certainly reflects a buoyant opportunity for the KBB retailer.” 4D Bathroom

To help retailers take stock of this opportunity, Virtual Worlds’ innovative 4D CAD technology, the first of its kind in the UK, enables would-be buyers an incredibly realistic 4D simulation of physically being in their dream design. Users are able to immerse themselves in the room as an avatar; allowing them to get a feel for the space, how the designs works and even try out functions such as opening drawers.

Nathan adds: “As a generation already well accustomed to the marvels of modern day technology, millennials are a natural audience for 4D simulations; and in fact, from our experience, many actively seek it as part of their buying process.

“For the retailer looking to tap into this opportunity then, we’d recommend it as a way to attract business, create standout and driving sales – after all, once a customer has had the experience of walking around their dream kitchen or bathroom design it is very likely that they will be sold.”

Thinking inside the box….


For a moment, imagine that you sell houses and for some reason you never let your prospective clients inside. Instead, you tell them to walk around the outside and look in through the windows. If you were to sell houses this way, what opportunities would be lost and what level of buyer remorse will factor in those you close?

Okay, you design and sell kitchens, bathrooms and bedrooms: all being rooms within a home, but do you currently ask your prospective clients to look in through the window in order to make a purchasing decision? The window, in this case, is the monitor of your CAD presentation.

4d Kitchen

If this is how you currently sell, it will pay you to take time out this week to discover how your competitors are opening the door to success and to speak to your Virtual Worlds representative.

Experience what Virtual Worlds 4D is all about and discover how the  Virtual Worlds ONE suite of software solutions can give your business a powerful competitive advantage. Integration with business management systems deliver reliable information and increased sales process efficiencies.  4D Bathroom

Make your business stand out from the crowd and invite your customers to step inside their future room before they buy.


  • Evolve your business to generate increased showroom footfall.
  • Provide your customers with an enhanced buying experience.
  • Offer your customers spatial awareness and peace of mind.

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New Version 5.8 ‘Hot off the press’… well almost!!

Have you all downloaded the new version of Virtual Worlds yet? And if not, why not?

The new all singing all dancing 5.8 version, is now out and ready to be downloaded from the Virtual Worlds User Centre! So before you think ‘I’m quite happy with the version I have’ here are just some of the new key features that come with 5.8 and which you will miss out on, if not downloaded:

  • Users can now download plans and drawings developed in AutoCAD or Google Sketch Up into Virtual Worlds Professional, such as architects’ or builders’ plans, to create their own KBB designs and then export the final plans back in a compatible file format 


  • Virtual Worlds 5.8 now automatically carries out maintenance checks and actions on opening the programme – this sees the system regularly updated with licence information and ensures crucial computer services are kept running


  • The new version of Virtual Worlds has significant improvements to hard copy reports generated in the 2D plans and elevations section, in order to enhance the quality of visuals to show customers. Thus further improving the user experience

Plus, some of the latest product catalogues are only available if you have the new version on your PC! So quite simply, if you want to make sure you have access to the very latest product ranges from all our manufacturers, don’t waste another minute; get yourself to the Virtual Worlds User Centre on and get downloading.

But if you are completely new to the idea of CAD for designing and fear you’re getting left behind in the world of kitchen, bedroom, bathroom or interior design; why not give our sales team a call, or drop them an email! Virtual Worlds is well known for it’s ease of use, impressive photo-realistic renders, real-time interactive fly-through function and comprehensive library of manufacturer catalogues. Make sure you can take advantage of Virtual Worlds’ sophisticated and intuitive software package – the only design tool to give you a real competitive edge! 

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