Virtual Worlds Brochure - page 5

Virtual Worlds Online Pricing
An integrated pricing system for producing
quotes and purchase orders direct from the
Virtual Worlds Professional room design.
Virtual Worlds AutoCAD Links
Export your Virtual Worlds room design
into a format that can be integrated in to
architects’ house plans.
Virtual Worlds Stand Alone Renderer
Increase productivity and raise
presentation quality through the render
queue management tool that frees up
your 3D design PC and creates non-stop
stunning photorealistic images.
Unlimited Catalogues and Training
Kitchens, Bathrooms, Bedrooms, Interiors
and Offices are all freely available to users
as is unlimited training.
Virtual Worlds Online Planner
Best seen as a lead generation tool, the Online Planner allows visitors on your website to
quickly create designs and send you the room file along with their contact details.
“...a professional CAD system delivering
photo realistic images and a ground breaking
interactive virtual reality buying experience.”
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