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    Virtual Worlds Options Viewer provides an online solution to the limitation of real-world showrooms. Hosted on your website it allows your customer to visualise all product options available, such as size, finish and pattern - including accurate pattern repeat sizing.

    Your customer can choose the room type and layout most suited to their preference, launched into a 3D room, where they can 'fly' to any viewpoint. Simple 'single click' menus provide users with the capability to change any key product and any aspect of the room decor, to their personal taste.

    High quality rendered images are combined with a summary report confirming the options selected. You can then share this information via email, direct to your customers inbox, or even add additional information such as retail price or their nearest stockist. 

    Whatever your business requirement, we can program it. This is Virtual Worlds Options Viewer.

    Key Features
    • Easy to use
    • Highly qualifies sales-leads
    • Integrated web analytics
    • Used online or as Point of Sale
    • Visualise a scene from any angle