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    Raise your game with Virtual Worlds SAR

    Keramag RenovaThe real selling power of Virtual Worlds is its ability to create superb, photo-realistic images of your room designs. Images like this one reflect your design flair, the high quality of the products that you offer and the clearly implied promise of professionalism in practice that matches your professionalism in presentation.

    SAR, the Stand Alone Renderer, enables you to extend that 'image power' by exporting the 'donkey work', the actual processing of your images, to any external PC thus freeing up your design machine. SAR can handle as many images in its 'queuing' system as you wish. The SAR machine can do your renders 24/7 enabling you to prepare design images in high volume and at the highest quality.

    Here are just some of the benefits that the SAR can offer you:

    See some examples of rendered animations

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    360 Panoramas

    The versatility of SAR means that rooms can be made into interactive 360 degree panoramas which give the effect of actually looking around the room. This can be distributed on the web or incorporated into multimedia presentations, training material, CD-ROMS and interactive kiosks - all of which Logicom produce.