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    Software Licensing

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    Dongle Licence

    If you have purchased a Virtual Worlds dongle, please select which version of Virtual Worlds you are using, type your dongle number into the box below, then click "Generate Key".

    To find out your dongle number, run Virtual Worlds and go into the help section. Take the 'Licence Status' option and the Dongle ID, a 4 character alphanumeric code, will be displayed.


    Machine ID Licence

    If you have purchased a Machine ID based licence, please type your Logicom Licence ID into the box below, then click "Get Licence Code".

    You should have received your Licence ID when you purchased or registered Virtual Worlds. Or, if you already have a machine Licence installed, you can discover your Licence ID by running Virtual Worlds and selecting the 'Licence Status' option on the help menu. The Licence ID, is a seven character code e.g. S012345

    Version 5.4.3 and earlier (not supported)