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    We believe in the education of every generation and wish to take a proactive part in their development and path into employment. We do this by working with Colleges and Universities to improve their student's prospects of securing not only a job but a career in retail.

    By collaborating with teachers and lecturers, we help to provide a modern day remedy to demonstrate retail problems and solutions. Then by providing the students with the capability to use visual merchandising principals and standards within our software, a virtual reality representation of the real world can be created, this helps to ensure the theory learnt in class is put into practice, making it much easier for students to demonstrate, and their understanding to be assessed.

    To further assist students in gaining employment, they are able to extract different outputs of their work to show potential employers what they are capable of, be it through pictures or an amazing fly-through 3D movie of the store they have created. Attending an interview or starting a new job with new skills will not only benefit the student but the potential employer as well.

    Technology has become a big part of retail and is here to stay, why not give your students the opportunity to become part of it and increase their chances of employment?