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    Virtual Worlds Retail Space

    Store Planning

    Unlike other software packages, 'Virtual Worlds Retail Space' caters for all retail environments, fixtures and fittings and products, from grocery, fashion and electrical, to service based environments such as restaurants and banks.

    Stores come in many styles, types, formats and layouts, we provide you with the capability to take control of your requirements and produce the necessary material to promote change for the better.

    Our software gives you the capability to sketch your store or import a CAD store profile and generate it into 3D. This 3D environment is then fully interactive, allowing you to move around freely and optimise the space to its full potential. You can add structural elements, fixtures and fittings and edit anything to meet your requirements, free to be populated as you wish.

    Meeting your customer's expectations and ensuring the correct space allocation is crucial to the success of your business. Get it right by testing your ideas and concepts through the use of our virtual reality software. It's not only the product you need to think about, but the allocation of 'value space' to entrances, service departments, stockrooms, offices and staff and customer facilities. All have their place and all take up space but how much is key and could mean the difference to making or not making a profit.

    The correct use of space will make a significant difference to sales. Ensuring you optimise the space to its full potential goes without question. 'Dead space' will reduce your profit line unless you have a good reason for it. It may provide the environment or setting to actually attract more custom or passers-by therefore offsetting the loss of space to a category against the increase in shoppers and turnover. This will depend heavily on the type of retail sector you are in, what it is you sell and what it is you are trying to achieve.

    Take your knowledge, customer insights and ideas and turn them into a fully tangible interactive 3D experience, giving you the capability to navigate the space and see what the customer would see. It truly is the best way to identify with the space and the customer.

    Communicating your ideas particularly to management couldn't have been made easier, with the different outputs available, choose the option that best suits the management and obtain the approval you need without delay.