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    Visual Merchandising

    Everyone understands how important visual merchandising is but getting it right is much more complicated. The easiest way to think about what you are trying to achieve is by imagining you are the customer and how easy is it to find what you want. What is it that attracts and inspires you to an area, category, brand, product or department? How could you be influenced and what solutions are available to help aid you with mastering this?

    Our aim is to provide you with the tools to help you achieve this. We provide you with everything you need to visualise the outcome before you commit, allowing you to utilise merchandising principles and techniques, and create and test different setups such as promotional and seasonal events. All of this contributes to making the right decision and helps highlight whether you are on the right track to stimulate shopper behaviour.

    By submersing yourself in 3D, you are reducing the chance of error. Operational standards and activates i.e. replenishment and range fragmentation issues are far more apparent when you can navigate and visualise in 3D. The ability to import 'JDA' and 'EYC Symphony' planograms in 3D also contributes to the flexibility you have in using this solution, able to add, move and edit every product in a visual representation of the real space. This all helps refine your visual merchandising practice to deliver a better solution, improving your customer experience in store.

    'Virtual Worlds Retail Space' allows the whole company to connect, move forward and maximises opportunities, improves clarity and direction within the retail team and enhances accuracy and performance. This encourages and promotes personal development, communication and motivation throughout the company.

    Drawing on the different department strengths, 'Virtual Worlds Retail Space' makes it easy for departments to collaborate, bring all their elements together from product, shelf, bay, aisle, category, layout, brand, signage and marketing etc into one environment, providing a clear focus point for discussion.

    Whether you are looking to prioritise a brand, increase its volume, assign it to a new location or promote by using all-inclusive solutions such as '2 for 1', 'meal deals' or 'outfit combinations', you can't afford to ignore the commercial potential 'Virtual Worlds Retail Space' will have on implementing better visual merchandising.