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    Virtual Tiling - Features

    Virtual “One Touch” Tiling - Features

    Virtual Worlds PRO includes a whole range of unique features which will enable your business to:
    • Produce tile designs from the simple to the complex in seconds
    • Provide photo realistic images of stunning quality of your designs for bathrooms, kitchens, hallways, conservatories, shower rooms, and toilet facilities both private and public. In fact, it will provide your tile layouts for all of your design needs
    • Virtual Worlds PRO will provide you with an accurate tile count (by tile type) of both full and partial tiles. If you feed the system the information, it will even tell you how many cartons to order!
    • Virtual Worlds PRO will store any number of design templates that can be edited at will. Click on the wall you wish to tile and the system will tile the surface and cut accurately around window & door apertures and any “masks” that you have created!
    • Create your own database of tiles and design templates
    • Import tile designs into the system from manufacturer's CD's or download them from their web sites
    • Select flat surface or undulating surface tile models and realistically see their real life effect
    • Using a brilliant new technique called “bump-mapping” we can even make uneven tile surfaces entirely realistic
    • Automatically cut out the tiles from behind fixed furniture units and baths
    • Give your customers and prospects option choices for designs and colours and provide YOU with the ultimate tool for closing sales
    • If you are an existing Virtual Worlds user, “One Touch” tiling will bolt itself seamlessly into your Virtual Worlds package for bathrooms or kitchens
    • Virtual Worlds PRO can be used on virtually any modern PC, desk top or laptop, and on all of the Microsoft operating platforms