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    Virtual Worlds - Features

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    Choice of Print Quality
    8-vw-features1.jpg Virtual Worlds allows you varying degrees of quality when printing plans or views for customers. You can print at 'screen resolution' for a quick-preview or include the diagrams in a Word document for a presentation or quotation. High-resolution prints are useful when the showroom is busy, giving outstanding results in a matter of moments and taking very little time to produce. A typical print at 720 DPI (dots per inch), which is a good quality, takes just a few minutes.


    Screen Resolution
    When creating a room in a Virtual Worlds Package a basic visual representation of the room is shown on screen. This allows you to work faster and move through the room in real time with a click of the mouse, (not waiting for items to render). This allows you to place objects in their correct position,create and visualise the room, which can then be quickly rendered to screen resolution (the fastest render) with all the lighting and textures.


    10-vw-features2.jpg Photo-realistic rendering is the highest quality of printing available with the software and can be split into two options - 'Quick Mode' (very high quality) and 'Advanced Render' (ultimate levels of realism). Photo-realism has been designed for use with clients who require that extra level of image quality and delivers standards of quality unmatched by any other planning system. With photo-realism your images will be as close to real-life as possible with shadows and even reflections on mirrors!

    The Virtual Worlds package is the ultimate sales aid. It enables you cost effectively to build a picture of your customer's ideal room design faster than ever before. You can turn your customer's dreams into virtual reality!


    Supplier communication
    Your suppliers share the benefits of detailed and accurate information by site and by plot. This can be by hard copy, e-mail and e-commerce (XML).


    To view more examples of the amazing images Virtual Worlds can produce, please visit the Gallery section.