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    The Virtual Worlds package is an interactive 3 dimensional Virtual Reality room-planning software package. It revolutionises interior design and planning, producing 'live' 3D walkthroughs.

    With over one hundred manufacturers' product catalogues available to users, it is a powerful selling tool for KBB retailers and interior designers. have been created with many more planning to become available. Virtual Worlds' latest generic Kitchens catalogue provides a huge resource of models for any kitchen design with easy-to-use facilities like auto range changing; live 'actions' to open and close doors and drawers or to illustrate the operation of 'special' units like corner carousels or bi-fold cupboard doors; pricing schedules; order schedules; 2D installation plans and much more.

    Visualising a customer's requirements instantly, can be a serious benefit in closing sales. As we all know, they are dreaming it so, if they can see it... they're much more likely to buy it!