Featured Designer: BMG Designs

Back by popular demand, our Featured Designer for this month is Bernard Griffiths again, from BMG Designs.

This particular bedroom project is a little different from the norm – the client (a teenage boy) had been given an unlimited budget and free licence to choose exactly what he wanted in his soon to be luxury bedroom.

Because the client had been given total freedom of choice, the furniture contents were predominantly bespoke designer pieces. So, although the products were not available in any of the Virtual Worlds catalogues, the amazing design capabilities of the software enabled the use of images sourced online to be transformed into the bespoke model creations shown below.

Some of the items may look complicated in particular the bedside trunks, but are simply chamfered edged boxes with all the sides and top detached so each one can show a different image. With a little time and effort, alterations can be made to achieve the perfect image.

Modern day software solutions need to offer a flexible approach to design, that enhances communication. Virtual Worlds can offer that integration with AutoCAD and SketchUp (‘Pro’ version) and can utilise various file formats. The ‘Egg’ chair (original design by Arne Jacobsen) featured in this design, is a SketchUp 7 model which was exported to 3ds file format and then re-mapped for the textures, so the outside print is different to the inside.

Hopefully, the time spent with Virtual Worlds creating this bespoke design, with unique models such as the chair and trestle table in the corner, have paid off and the client will be thrilled!

Join us here again very soon for part two and the next phase in this unusual project – once installation is complete and we have one happy teenager!

To make contact with BMG Designs, please email Bernard Griffiths on: bmg@bmgdesigns.me.uk

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