The end of buyer remorse

In a market where e-commerce is the competitor, KBB retailers are having to bring more to the table. Here Nathan Maclean, managing director at Virtual Worlds, gives his views on how to stay ahead of the game.

As the notion of buying at your fingertips becomes something of the norm, retailers are being challenged to think outside the box and apply the use of technology to a retail advantage: cue the VR revolution.

Most consumers struggle to grasp an overhead plan, 3D perspective or flat render of their room, however realistic it looks. Question and doubt are two powerful barriers that all too often see sales stopped cold; our 4D Theatre experience negates this problem by allowing the customer to step inside a true to life simulation of their new kitchen or bathroom.  Observe 4D Theatre in use and you will see that the dynamic between the designer and customer is positively changed, as both interact from an informed position to finalise the design. It is clear to see that ‘being there’ is the magic bullet to closing a sale.

The result is confidence in the proposed design and the end of ‘buyer remorse’. With our latest 4D development we are providing the high street with effective, targeted in-store theatre. Given the fact that two thirds1 (63%) of shoppers admit they don’t get the best experience online, this makes for a very appealing proposition.

Customer service and expert design consultancy will always be key to success in the KBB world.  What Virtual Worlds provides is the ongoing evolution of the manufacturers and retailers to ensure a bright future for bricks and mortar showrooms in a rapidly changing digital world.

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