This month’s FEATURED DESIGNER is Bernard Griffiths from BMG Designs. Bernard has worked in the kitchen industry for nearly 30 years and has tried and tested many forms of kitchen design software over the years, but it was not until he discovered Virtual Worlds – a fellow Milton Keynes business – in 1999 that he realised how useful our room planning software could be.

Bernard was a beta tester for early Virtual Worlds updates, helping us to create and adapt our kitchen package with the experience and first-hand knowledge of a working designer. Bernard now offers his drawing services and long-term knowledge of Virtual Worlds as additional design help to those who require it. He can also provide one-to-one training and advice on getting the best out of our 3D room planning software.

BMG Designs Virtual Worlds Kitchen Render

Bernard explains: “What has impressed me from day one has been the quality of the rendered graphics, together with the ability to work in the room rather than as a 2D plan. In time I found and discussed little short cuts and tweaks that have, over the years, been absorbed into the architecture of the software that we have in present day.

BMG Designs Virtual Worlds kitchen render

“Working from my home office, I have been involved with some very well known companies of late, and all have marveled at the photographic quality of the renders I manage to produce with the standard software and the capacity to push near to the limits of its abilities – in order to add that ‘extra touch’ or realism.

“Many users unfortunately, do not see the full extent of Virtual Worlds’ hidden talents and are amazed to see the difference that can be achieved by the simple use of good lighting within scenes.

BMG Designs kitchen virtual plan

“The software is very much an open architecture package and I’ve found that it welcomes a challenge! You can actually insert your own models created in other packages, or those available on the web, into your Virtual Worlds designs. I purchased some additional software and now find it possible to model and produce my own size-specific products, as can be seen in the following image.

BMG Designs kitchen planning software

“OK, so I’m not as clever and experienced with model creation as they are at Virtual Worlds, there is always a learning curve, but it’s well worth having a go yourself to see what you can create. With input, time, and a little patience, you too can hear that sharp intake of breath and the ‘OMG’ or ‘Wow!’ when showing your renders to clients. With the building blocks and open architecture provided by Virtual worlds, so much is achievable!

BMG Designs Virtual Worlds kitchen planner

“I still use a more ‘traditional’ path of design to create plans and elevations for those who require them for production purposes in preference to pure 3D visuals, but the drawing board? –that’s now consigned to use as a working desk and space to rest my printers on!”

If you would like to contact Bernard Griffiths, please drop him a line at: bmg@bmgdesigns.me.uk

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  • sales@virtualworlds.co.uk
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