New Elevations feature in Virtual Worlds Tiling

Full and cut tiles
Full and cut tiles

elevation 1

Practical and economic benefits from new functions

Now, when you tile a wall accurately in Virtual Worlds, you can create different types of Elevation drawing for your client on the one hand and for your tile installer on the other. The former can help to illustrate how well the design process has been done -and which tiles go where; the latter can show the exact positioning of each tile in the layout and which tiles are going to be cut on site. The first can help in the all-important process of getting the job; the second can save you time and money by detailing exactly what goes where – down to the millimetre.

A lot of your profit is tied up in the Tiling. Getting your counts wrong can  often be expensive, sometimes disastrous, sometimes both.

Using these new functions is simplicity itself. Learn how to use the new features and start making communication with your installers more effecive and potentially, less costly.

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