News Flash: Virtual Worlds Launch New 'Web Design Viewer'

Virtual Worlds is pleased to announce the exciting arrival of: Virtual Worlds online (VWo)

With this new innovative system, it is now possible to actually ‘Publish’ your Virtual Worlds designs on the Internet in a totally secure environment, solely for specific customer viewing in 3D on their home PC; with the interactive Virtual Worlds viewer allowing them the facility to ‘fly’ around your design.

All customers need do, is download a small viewer program and they will have access to this great new viewing function; with only you as the designer, being able to make any alterations. You do not even need to have your own website and the only limitation to the service, is that your designs incorporate models from current Virtual Worlds catalogues.

Initial download offer is 4 FREE designs

After that, a very simple ‘Tariff’ based pricing structure is in place, similar to the concept  favoured by mobile phone providers.

So why not email the Virtual Worlds team on: and start increasing your sales today!

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  • 1 Portland Drive, Willen, Milton Keynes MK15 9JW