Good Design is Key

Virtual Worlds is championing innovative and strong design as a means of adding value to a home after research from housing agent suggested several key changes homeowners can make to their kitchen in order to add value to a property.

A panel of industry experts suggested spacious, modern storage units were the best option for adding value, with energy-efficient appliances and soft colour paint also desired by house buyers.

But Nathan Maclean, managing director at Virtual Worlds, is reminding retailers that the overall look and feel of a room should be front of mind for customers when they plan a new kitchen, as it can be an equally important selling point should they decide to put their house on the market.

“Research such as this is really useful for homeowners who are planning a renovation and trying to maximise the value of their property in the process,” he explained.

“These tips can really help designers and customers to focus their refurbishment efforts by exploring some of the key recommendations, such as optimising storage space, carefully considering the fixtures and fittings, and sticking to neutral colours to make the space feel light and open.

“But we are firm believers that there is no replacement for good design, and that retailers should continue to design aesthetically pleasing, functional spaces that work for the individual customer.

“After all, a customer with a galley kitchen is going to have very different requirements to a family with a large kitchen/diner. Retailers can use a mixture of their expertise and the latest technology to create a room that wows the customer, and fundamentally improves their home.

“By embracing creativity and sharing the plans in detail with customers, retailers can ensure they have a happy customer every time, while helping them to add value to their property.”

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