The Designer is Paramount


At Virtual Worlds, our mission is clear: We are here to ensure that Kitchen and Bathroom showrooms continuously adapt to secure a bright and prosperous future in a rapidly evolving market. To this end, we work to identify and understand present and future KBB industry problems and invest in developing effective solutions.

Pro the Designer, Sales Consultant and Showrooms

Being a software company that believes in the power of social interaction, Virtual Worlds is pro the designer, sales consultant and showroom. Our technology fits in to compliment and assist these key assets, helping them perform more efficiently, effectively and productively to win more customers and higher revenues.

Multifunctional Business Tool

Virtual Worlds is one system that meets many business requirements, covering kitchens, bathrooms and bedrooms, office space, merchandising and more. Enabling design creation, sales presentation, project quotation, pro-forma invoicing and business reporting, it is a multifunctional business tool that helps businesses perform better.

The Designer is Paramount

Irrespective of product, any project is going to be mediocre without the knowledge and skill of a quality designer. The investment in a good designer is paramount to achieving the right outcome. A good designer will take a brief, allowing them to meet the needs of the client and deliver the best result. In kitchen and bathroom design, the first question should be ‘why?’. The answer to this question will determine what the design is to deliver- Profit on a property sale, lifestyle change for an ageing or new family, or any number of desired outcomes.

The Ultimate CAD and Sales System

Whilst being a quick and effective space planning tool, it is when in the hands of a quality designer that Virtual Worlds comes to life to stand out as the ultimate CAD and sales system. Limited only by the customers’ budget, Virtual Worlds beautifully visualises any design concept making every project an easy sell.

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