KBB retail has already changed

Are you aware, are you ready, is it too late?

You are working harder and longer than you need to. More than this, you are unaware of the inefficiencies that are costing your business money. If you are lucky enough to see growth, it comes hard and slow. Each day that you fail to adapt, you increase the risk of becoming redundant. The world is changing around you, and the biggest threat to your business is that you are far too busy to notice. You are stuck in your ways; a slave to your routine!

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You take the time to listen. You took the time to explore. Through your exploration, you could see the changing landscape and understood the need to adapt. You now have the advantage. You work smarter, achieving more by doing less, and the time and money gained has allowed you the ability to realise new opportunities to grow your business further. You are proactive; the master of your future!

Two narratives with one message for change. Which one is more akin to your business?

“We didn’t do anything wrong, but somehow, we lost.”

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It is essential that we re-evaluate the way we work in an ever-changing landscape. The fall of Nokia in 2013 is a prime example of failing to recognise the need for change. The once-dominant mobile phone manufacturer saw their share price wiped out, as they lost market share to the new iOS and Android devices. On announcing Microsoft’s acquisition of their failing business, Nokia CEO Stephen Elop famously ended his speech saying “We didn’t do anything wrong, but somehow we lost”. Perhaps the failure to take notice and implement change quickly enough may have been too painful to admit at the time of speaking. The fact is, we should never be too busy or too arrogant to see the need to change. Adapt or die is the simple rule of survival.

Gimmick or Game Changer? The development of a new era.

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In 2015 the KBB industry witnessed a radical ground-shift when we launched our first immersive virtual reality buying experience ‘Virtual Worlds 4D’. Magazines such as KBB Review featured the technology asking the question “Gimmick or Game Changer?”. Although there were some sceptics, most retailers thought it could transform the showroom experience and prove to be an exciting new selling tool. Mocked by our competitors with some calling it “a waste of time” and some advising their retailers “to do nothing in terms of VR”, Virtual Worlds retailers were gaining the advantage with an uplift in sales. Mid 2016 saw 50 retailers using the technology and encouraged by early success; we began a new series of R&D to explore how people reacted to different stimuli when immersed in virtual reality. We aimed to understand how we could affect the customer’s emotional and reasoning state of mind to deliver an improved buying experience that would ultimately boost our retailer’s sales performance. Identifying a need to shift the retail landscape, we worked to further merge the physical showroom with digital content. In 2017, Virtual Worlds digitised the analogue showroom footprint with the launch of Virtual Worlds 4D Theatre.

Shaping the future of KBB retail.

Virtual Worlds 4D Theatre Image courtesy of Life Kitchens London

At a time when online sales represent a growing challenge for many retailers, Virtual Worlds’ vision and action to innovate are aligned to our mission to secure a healthy future for our clients through the evolution of their showrooms. With Virtual Worlds 4D Theatre, we have created in-store theatre, where a 3m x 3m space can showcase unlimited square meterage of showroom displays as well as selling customer-centric designs with ease.

The science behind 4D Theatre.

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Neuroscience underpins the persuasive success of 4D Theatre. The technology merges neurological and virtual sensory streams to deliver a series of powerful stimuli that provide an experience that is personal, contrastable, tangible, memorable, visual and emotional. By doing so, 4D Theatre is able to send messages that are friendly to the fast acting ‘primal brain’, which then permeates to the slower ‘rational brain’, thereby lessening the cognitive work required by the customer to make a favourable decision.

In simple language, Virtual Worlds will enable your business to sell a larger number of higher valued kitchens and bathrooms with less time and effort, and your customers will be a lot happier for it.

We have retailers reporting circa 20- 30% increase in average sales value and 80% to 100% conversion rates.

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