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    4D Showroom

    Stand out from the crowd and grow your business

    Virtual Worlds 4D is a powerful technology-led consumer experience. A first for the KBB sector, Virtual Worlds 4D delivers a ground-breaking, interactive virtual reality buying experience, which will improve your sales conversions and generate increased foot fall.

    A futuristic, simulating headset is fundamental to Virtual Worlds 4D; when worn by the customer, it places them centre stage, in their designed KBB space. Designs in Virtual Worlds 4D appear with unsurpassed depth, scale and parallax, and are capable of creating the excitement and adrenalin rush akin to those experienced by gamers. The 110 degree viewing angle places the customer directly in the room, rather than being on the outside looking in through a screen. The response to eye movement is immediate, facilitating 360 degree head-tracking and interaction with moving elements of the room, including opening cupboards, looking inside drawers and stepping into showers.

    The experience is engaging, entertaining, compelling and leads customers to the point of ordering.

    Virtual Worlds is optimising sales opportunities for the retailers through the Virtual Worlds 4D Showroom branding, elevating the design experience. Virtual Worlds 4D is a significant element of a new Virtual Worlds ONE package, which combines the acclaimed Virtual Worlds Professional 3D interactive CAD software, 3D Viewer App, 2D/3D online planning tool, Online Pricing system and unlimited training, with the new 4D showroom technology.

    For the full Virtual Worlds 4D experience, please ensure your system has the recommended specifications.

    Pre-Orders open for Phase 2

    After our initial Phase 1 release and the resulting high demand, we have sold out of our entire allocation of Virtual Worlds 4D development kit headsets. Phase 2 of the 4D Showroom technology will commence in the first quarter of 2016, with the release of our new headsets. The new technology will provide higher resolution and faster reactions offering an enhanced customer experience and are sure to prove even more of an attraction to showrooms already invested in the 4D system. Until the launch of Phase 2, there will be no further supply of 4D headsets.

    We are however, taking pre-orders for Phase 2 therefore allowing customers to secure the new technology at the same early adopter price (less 60%) as enjoyed by our Phase 1 customers. Pre-orders for Phase 2 will see Virtual Worlds ONE customers provided with our 3D Virtual Worlds software immediately, ensuring instant access to creating 3D interactive designs along with the ability to use the online viewer and 2d planner facilities. Customers will upgrade to the 4D Showroom experience when the new headsets are available.

    For further details please contact us on or call +44 (0) 1908 663848.