Expand your capability, effectiveness and reach with Augmented Interactive Reality Series.

Virtual Worlds AiRs is an Augmented Reality solution that allows your customer to place a virtual product into their home by viewing it through the lens of an iPad or iPhone camera. Seeing how a product will fit and look in their home removes doubt and provides peace of mind to purchase.

AiRs extends the versatility of Virtual Worlds Professional, by transforming the entire Virtual Worlds library of branded 3D product models into real-world assets. As a sales tool, Virtual Worlds AiRs has been designed to meet clear objectives and is unique in its creation and mode of operation.

Features & Benefits
  • Augmented Reality
  • Product Configurator
  • Interactive printed brochures
  • Transformation of Virtual Worlds asset base to real-world asset base.
  • AiRs Code representation:
    Single product
    Single product options
    Multiple product pick list
    Complete room design
  • Retailer/manufacturer
  • Increased non-display sales
  • Improved customer interaction
  • Improved ROI on existing investments (brochures, CAD etc)
  • Strengthened USPs
  • Customer
  • Peace of mind
  • Informed decision making
  • Protection against buyer remorse

How it works

For the end consumer, Virtual Worlds AiRs is super easy to use. They simply scan an AiRs QR code (AiRs code) to then place the products into their home.

The creation of an AiRs code is typically done by a retailer, manufacturer or advertising company. This is done using Virtual Worlds Professional or the AiRs Utility Tool. A single AiRs code can represent either a single product, a selection of products, or a complete room design. AiRs code generation is typically done once for use in a marketing project to then be used en masse by consumers. An example of this would see AiRs codes feature in a new glossy brochure, or on a showroom display sign. Similarly, an AiRs code can be created for a particular customer and sent by email to allow the specified product to be viewed remotely.

The AiRs code can be used to feature in any print or digital media. The AiRs code is key to simplifying the system’s management and use. It provides the flexibility to post edit the products that are assigned to an AiRs code, thereby allowing AiRs codes to be assigned with confidence in the early stages of working on a new marketing project. It also provides a better customer experience by removing the need to navigate any type of in-app catalogue database.

How it’s used

Virtual Worlds AiRs can be used in the showroom and in the home with great effect.

At home

Using print media as an example, the customer could be flicking through the pages of a beautiful glossy brochure. Next to each product photo is an AiRs code. By scanning the AiRs code, the customer can lift the product out of the page and view it in place with their home décor. They can then open and close doors and drawers to gain more information on detail and available space. Browsing a printed brochure is an informed and pleasurable way of making a selection. Similarly, the AiRs code could have featured in a quotation, a flyer, or email.  Being viewed in position and to scale within a room, the product is better placed to be sold.

In the showroom

A retailer can obtain any product from Virtual Worlds Professional simply by placing it into a room design and creating the AiRs code. Then on an iPad, they can place that product on display to see how it will look on the showroom floor.

Badges that list the products on display can feature AiRs codes to allow the consumer to visualise the product’s options. The option choices are created and managed by the retailer, giving them full control. Now, as well as feeling the quality of a product on display, Virtual Worlds AiRs provides your showroom with an interactive element that allows customers to see how it looks in a different configuration and finish.

Return on investment

Virtual Worlds AiRs is a big impact/low-cost solution that will see your business capitalise on more opportunity. All retailers will agree: If it’s on display, it is easier to sell!

The Virtual Worlds AiRs App is free to download and use. This allows anyone to scan AiRs codes and visualise products through the App.