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    Commercial Offices

    The requirement to show what a refit of any office will look like is a fundamental requirement for most customers these days. The options available for partitions, furniture and colour schemes are infinite. We have therefore produced an enormous generic catalogue of all the standard partitions, filing cabinets, cupboards, desks and chairs etc that you may need. Intelligence is attached to the models to enable the user to easily snap together items such as chairs with tables, or two partitions together. Additional ability to duplicate and save groups of items for future use, makes the building of room sets very quick. Additional functionality to open doors and see the insides of cupboards, along with the ability to adjust shelving, hangers etc gives added sales benefits. If you are looking for the ability to plan areas not mentioned here, such as classrooms, restaurants, gardens etc, please contact us. We may already be doing it or have the ability to offer you a cost effective solution.