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With One Price, there is no need to import/export data, no need to download price updates, no need to post edit quotes, no need to write pro-forma invoices and no need to double handle Purchase Orders.

By simply creating a kitchen or bathroom design in Virtual Worlds, One Price handles everything in real-time, as the design is being created.

Price by design

Other quoting systems can import data from a design file to produce a quote, but none can do that accurately without the need for post editing. Virtual Worlds One Price can, thanks to Virtual Worlds’ component level cataloguing. This unique attribute saves time, prevents errors and automates much of the back-office processes. We call this ‘Price by Design’.

ONE Price Screenshot

The simple act of placing a product into a design is all you need to do: One Price takes care of everything else. To give some insight into versatility, if, for example, the client expressed that they wished to change a WC seat from white to oak during the design presentation, with the seat being changed in the design you can be confident that One Price has accounted for that change right through to the purchase order.

Price without design

Although ‘Price by Design’ is simplicity itself, One Price is also capable of creating quotes without a design being present. Quotes can be created manually within One Price using product search and manual line entries. This can be done on any smart device or PC that has an internet connection.

In control anywhere, anytime

With One Price, you can stay in control of business by accessing live pipeline and performance reports. One Price can report on the number, value and status of all quotes done by your company within any given period. Furthermore, reports can be filtered by branch and by the salesperson to provide quick comparative reports.

Data switches

Virtual Worlds One Price provides you with the means to edit a quote template to create your own stylised quotations that include company logo, terms of trade, design images, plans and elevations. The quote details page allows you to quickly switch on and off the information that is shown in real-time.

For example, you could display the manufacturer name, product code, description, product image and price, or if you were not wanting to hand out a potential ‘shopping list’ you could quickly use the data switches to only show a generic description, product image and price. The choice is yours.

Return on investment

The sophisticated simplicity of One Price delivers a huge productivity boost, as ‘Price by Design’ automates your quotes, invoicing and purchase orders, without the need to double handle data.

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