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    Playgrounds and play area planning

    Although the space is usually outside and in the open, the need to see what a large play area will look like is critical to the sales process for playground manufacturers. For a council or school to approve expenditure on a new play area, it is normally a requirement for a committee to see what the development will include. Without a 3D visualisation, either in a printed or video form, the task of getting that approval can become almost impossible. Planning a playground is not only about what can be fitted into the space and what it would look like. Safety and cost are critical factors in the planning. For example, it is possible to display the safety areas and fall zones associated for each piece of climbing equipment, slide etc. It is easy to see and prevent insufficient safety zones being included. The different type and colour of surfaces, such as wet pour, grass, safety tiles, mulch etc, can be displayed and the different volumes, with associated cost calculated and reported. Other items such as the number of lengths of fencing and paving can be displayed calculated and reported. Indeed different reports of everything in the plan can be produced.