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Switching a large team of designers over to a new design software package is not for the faint-hearted. With change always comes an element of risk and getting to grips with different technology can be time consuming and costly, particularly in terms of creating new products and training staff. But when Fired Earth searched the market and came across Virtual Worlds, they were confident that it was a change worth making.

“Virtual Worlds gave me a lot of confidence that migrating to their products would be a smooth process from the outset,” explains Fired Earth Creative Director Colin Roby-Welford. “They responded to my enquiry straight away and when we saw the software in action we were blown away.”

“Virtual Worlds offered attributes that weren’t present with others in the marketplace, with no hidden costs. But it was the personable nature of their team that sticks in my mind.”

With such a large team of designers and showrooms to migrate to the new software, it was crucial that Virtual Worlds was diligent in its change management. Colin comments: “Virtual Worlds worked closely with us throughout the migration process and went out of their way to take care of our best interests throughout. It made the whole process as stress-free as possible and effective in its outcome.”

“When we first made the transition to Virtual Worlds 3D in 2016 we had licences for 32 designers and the whole Fired Earth catalogue had to be put on the system, which was far from a small job,” continues Colin. “The Virtual Worlds team spent a few weeks with us, photographing each product.”

“We now have 42 designers using Virtual Worlds software across most of our stores and are very happy with how things have gone.”

Since making the transition to Virtual Wolds three years ago Fired Earth has seen growth in its bathroom sales, despite this being a declining market overall and this is something that Colin attributes in large part to the design software. “We’ve gone against the grain of market trends quite significantly and Virtual Worlds has most definitely had a role in this,” he comments.

“Our design team find the software easy to use and feel supported, with feedback always quickly available. This gives them a level of confidence in their work that comes over to the customer and without a doubt helps to secure a sale.”