Press Coverage

Virtual Worlds has received a great deal of press coverage over the last couple of years. View some of the articles we have been featured in.

100% success rate with Virtual Worlds 4D

For a while, Awesome Interiors' sales success was in an unopened box on top of a desk. Managing director Jamie Mckinley explains how Virtual Worlds 4D technology made all the difference to his bottom line...

Virtual Worlds gives bathroom design a reality check

Interacting with the design is key for consumers, says Paul Thorpe, head of bathrooms at JJO plc.

5 surprising benefits of 4D technology

Angus Kerr, sales and installation director at The Bathroom Company in Edinburgh, gives his top tips when using Virtual Worlds 4D Theatre.

Theory into practice

When Virtual Worlds invited kbb Birmingham show visitors to its stand, we were able to see exactly how 4D Theatre and the theory of neuro-marketing works in practice.

The science of persuasion

4D technology and an understanding of the science behind neuro-marketing will trigger your customers' 'primal brain' and help you seal the deal when presenting designs