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    Virtual Worlds '3D Design' products are unique and are the market leaders. Offering more than standard or 2D visualisation/design packages, it transforms design ideas and vision into a unique space, giving you tools to react quickly to customer demands and gives your customers the confidence to buy.

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    Kitchen, Bathroom and Bedroom Planning

    The Virtual Worlds Kitchen Bedroom and Bathrooms has revolutionised KBB design and planning with its 'live' 3D design, walkthroughs and videos as well as design time solutions.

    Offices, Playgrounds & more

    Offices, Playgrounds and Interior Design

    Our speciality range of Space Designer products for Offices, Playgrounds, and Interior Design has additional unique functionality that works with the successful 3D Interactive design and selling product.

    Retail Space

    Merchandising and Store Planning

    'Virtual Worlds Retail Space' empowers retailers to increase sales and suppliers to justify space allocated to brands and new product development. It's a precise way of presenting new ideas for product placement, space allocation, testing merchandising principles and enhancing optimization.