Who are Virtual Worlds?

A gateway to showroom success

Virtual Worlds are dedicated to championing kbb retail. A licence for Virtual Worlds is your gateway to technology and business services which will make your showroom a success.

It starts with CAD but it is so much more. Design in a 3D environment, complete with manufacturer endorsed products. You can then present your design in stunning interactive  virtual reality at the push of a button, with Virtual Worlds 4D Studio and 4D Theatre. That’s not all, as part of our commitment to delivering success, we drive customers directly to our customers’ showrooms with our consumer marketing campaigns; does your current software provider do that?

Case Studies

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We are very happy with our clients' feedback

We surveyed 208
consumers at
Grand Designs Live
Birmingham after they
had tried 4D Theatre.

48% were aged over 45

of consumers we surveyed said they would recommend a 4D showroom over one without

of consumers agreed that 4D Theatre provides peace of mind

of consumers agreed that 4D Theatre provides informed decision making

of consumers agreed that 4D Theatre provides protection against buyer remorse