Are you an independent bathroom retailer…

…looking for a way to boost your sales, impress your customers, and stand out from your competitors? ​If so, you need Virtual Worlds by Cyncly, a global software powerhouse that offers immersive virtual reality systems for bathroom design and presentation.​

This is CAD reimagined!

With Virtual Worlds, you can create stunning 3D designs with manufacturer endorsed products, present them in realistic virtual reality with 4D Theatre, and increase your average sales value by 20% compared to the old way of presenting. Virtual Worlds is not just a CAD software, it’s a game changer that will revolutionise your retail business.​ Are you ready for change?

Increase the profitability of your showroom…

Shorten your sales cycle…

Increase your conversion rate…

Raise your order value…

Reach your full potential, with Virtual Worlds…


Display an unlimited range of products and create stunning room sets using 4D Virtual Reality to inspire your clients. Space is no barrier and we know that what people can see, is what sells.


Generate stunning designs in an intuitive 3D interface. One touch export to 4D Virtual Reality and real-time rendering mean you’re always presentation ready and have the tools to sell your vision.


Deliver an unforgettable experience, exceeding clients expectations throughout the process. This will guarantee a yes, and send your closure rates through the roof.

Like what you see?

Virtual Worlds can help

Virtual Worlds 4D Theatre

Deliver an unforgettable in-store experience

Virtual Worlds Pro

Save time designing, real-time rendering.

Virtual Worlds Catalogues

Manufacturer approved content, which contains internal components and actions for complete accuracy.

Virtual Worlds ONE Price

Seamless, integrated pricing of your designs to reduce errors and save you time.​

Virtual Worlds Design Cloud

Present and collaborate, remotely to protect your designs while keeping sales moving.​

Like what you see?

Virtual Worlds can help

Virtual Worlds

The ultimate all in one solution for bathroom design and presentation with interactive 4D virtual reality.

Virtual Worlds Pro provides the fully featured 2D plans and elevations you need for installers, stunning 3D visuals to inspire your clients, integrated price by design and a bill of materials to save you time. Virtual Worlds 4D Theatre is our premium solution offering a fully immersive 4D virtual reality experience in the showroom, which allows your clients to walk around and interact with their proposed design, try different options and commit to the purchase with peace of mind.

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Virtual Worlds

Shaping the future of bathroom retail