We are the creators of Virtual Worlds

Virtual Worlds, part of the Cyncly family.

Virtual Worlds

Virtual Worlds is revolutionising KBB design with innovative, technology led solutions and are the only brand to offer an immersive virtual reality system – namely ‘Virtual Worlds 4D Theatre’.

Bringing the best together

In 2022, Virtual Worlds, Compusoft, 2020 and their associated brands joined forces as part of “Cyncly”, bringing together end-to-end solutions to help everyone in the value chain make their work and the outcomes for their customers amazing.  

Enabling you to make spaces amazing

Cyncly transforms the way customizable products and spaces are imagined, designed, sold, managed and made. Our end-to-end software solutions connect professional designers, retailers and manufacturers to the world’s largest repository of product content, enabling them to simplify complexity, grow sales, increase efficiency, and drive innovation. 

Trade Associations

We are a member of the following trade associations…

BMA – The Bathroom Manufacturers Association

BMF Service Member

KBSA – Corporate Member – The Home Specialists Association


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Virtual Worlds, part of the Cyncly family.

Bringing spaces to life and life to spaces

Cyncly’s end-to-end software solutions connect designers, retailers and manufacturers through intuitive software, integrated management tools and the world’s largest catalog content hub. Everyone in the value chain can simplify communication, reduce error, grow sales, increase efficiency and drive innovation – every step of the way. 

Virtual Worlds

Shaping the future of bathroom retail