Virtual Worlds drives leads to YOUR showroom – register now!

It has been a tough time for many businesses and while we are aware that there are challenges ahead confidence must prevail in how we respond to this recession. In continuing a series of successful ‘retailer-supporting’ initiatives, we are pleased to announce our upcoming lead generation campaign.

This initiative sees us expand on our £100k “Making your home perfect” consumer marketing campaign with the addition of paid Facebook advertising.

This activity will greatly assist our network of 4D retailers who are enjoying a 90+% conversion rate, as we will be better able to ramp up their footfall. We make this investment knowing that our success is dependent on your success.

To direct the anticipated increased number of homeowners looking to improve their kitchen or bathroom, we will be running a nationwide social media campaign to drive leads directly to your showroom.

Are you a Virtual Worlds 4D retailer?

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