Virtual Worlds launches COVID-19 care programme

In these challenging times, we feel we have a responsibility as members of the KBB industry to do all we can to help our fellow professionals. This is a defining moment, and we owe it to the industry as a whole to do all we can to ensure the survival of the businesses who have contributed to our success. However, we can’t do his alone, we’re all in this together and we call upon all software companies to contribute to the continued success of the KBB retail sector.

We at Virtual Worlds have put together a 3 step package of measures to keep retailers and manufacturers in business during this crisis:

1 – Free VW Pro-Suite

Keep your team working remotely. We will provide you with as many Virtual Worlds Professional Licences as you require to enable your team to keep working from home.

2 – Free Access to Design Cloud

Keep sales moving without the need for face-to-face meetings. We first offered Design Cloud to Virtual Worlds customers on 17th March, and it has proven to be extremely popular, helping many businesses to keep trading.

How Design Cloud can help you

– Provide your clients with a design they can view on a mobile device so you can progress the sale without the need for face to face meetings.
– Protect your designs by choosing the length of time they can be viewed for.
– Get notifications when the design is viewed so you can make follow-up calls at exactly the right time to keep things moving.

3 – Financial Assistance

Should you find yourself in the situation of requiring financial assistance, get in touch, let us know what you need and the reasons, and we’ll do our very best to help. We need to be mindful of a balance between ensuring both our clients and our own company remain healthy and how much sacrifice can be made to support our client base, so please only request what you genuinely need.

It’s in tough times that businesses show their true colours. We see this as a defining moment for many and it is how we respond in a time of crisis that will set our future course.

Our mission is to create success stories, we are all in this together and it would be hypocritical of us to take a hard-line approach. The well-being of the retailers has always been our ultimate goal.

Request a callback to find out more.