Current industry issues discussed at Virtual Worlds and Roca roadshow

The latest series of roadshows hosted by Virtual Worlds, kicked off with an event held in association with Roca at their stunning gallery in London’s Imperial Wharf.

The roadshow was held over 2 days with each day including a discussion forum, demonstration of the latest developments from Virtual Worlds, and a tour of the Roca showroom.

The forum discussion was chaired by Ben Roberts, Virtual Worlds National Corporate Account Manager, who was joined by Nathan MacLean, MD of Virtual Worlds, Ivan Wain, Sales Director at Roca and Colin Roby -Welford, Sales and Marketing Director of Fired Earth. These lively discussions got everyone involved and covered topics such as what (if anything) to charge for design, how the sales process differs when you don’t have a physical showroom, and how to entice more customers in these challenging times. It was great to see everyone participating, sharing their experiences and enlightening to hear views from different sectors of the industry. Overall, delegates decided that the issue of charging for designs is not a simple one, and it’s very much a case of tailoring the approach to each individual business. However, everyone felt that the value of good design must be recognised in all circumstances.

The forum was followed by lively, interactive demonstrations allowing visitors the chance to experience Virtual Worlds 4D Theatre for themselves. It’s always great to watch someone use 4D Theatre for the first time and witness the joy on their faces as they explore a design in virtual reality; opening cupboards and turning on taps, switching on lights or using voice commands to explore the virtual space. All of the attendees agreed that they could see how 4D Theatre would provide a big draw for increasing footfall into their showroom and delivering an exceptional customer experience.

The day concluded with a showroom tour offering a chance to explore the stunning Zaha Hadid designed Roca Gallery and the exquisite Roca and Laufen products on display. Attendees also had the chance to have personal demonstrations of other products from Virtual Worlds including One Price; A single product enabling you to create your designs and quotes at the same time, saving you time and eliminating mistakes. There were also demonstrations Virtual Worlds’ fantastic new AR system which brings brochures to life. Mixing real life and Augmented Reality, with the aid of a mobile device, products literally leap off the page enabling customers to see how an item would look in their own home!

The roadshow series will continue in January so check back for details of other events.

In the meantime, you can view the highlights of the latest event here.



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