Virtual Worlds Professional 8.3 now available

As part of our ongoing commitment to providing you with software which drives success for your business, we’re delighted to reveal the latest developments to Virtual Worlds.

Download the latest version from the user centre

The latest update of Virtual Worlds provides a variety of improvements including:

·        The Introduction of light and dark themed operating modes

·        A new dynamic set of application toolbar icons to access application features and functionality

·        New and improved functionality within the Tile Wizard

·        A new Lighting Wizard to identify and change light settings for within a single interface.

·        Improved annotation of sketchpad designs, including the display of corner angles

·        Improved access to tile and pattern rotation from the tiling toolbar

·        The introduction of new design metrics added to the Layout tab, including the calculated floor area and ceiling height measure

·        A quick save button on the 2D Plans toolbar

·        A new Connection Point model

Updates to 4D Theatre

HDRP, or its full title the “High-Definition Render Pipelines”, represents the next evolutionary step for 4D Theatre.

HDRP provides improvements both to rendering performance, and image quality, increasing the perception of reality in an immersive VR environment.

We have simplified some elements of the startup sequence of 4D Theatre, adding a new forest scene to acclimatise a consumer into the Virtual Reality environment.

We have provided new Health & Safety video content and introductory VR tutorials both including subtitles. These improvements also give you greater control over bypassing tutorial performances for repeat viewings of a design.

Download the latest version from the user centre