Hints 'n' tips from our Intrepid Designer: 2K Render or not 2K Render?

Using the Software for many Virtual Worlds users is often just about selecting units, worktops and appliances; or sanitary ware, showers, floor and wall finishings. Sadly, not everyone puts as much thought into their final render quality. Some designers I’ve spoken with never exceed beyond a 2K render but although good, it will lack that depth of detail when zooming in to explore the image.

I tend to work on 4K renders as a minimum and quite often throw in a higher quality render of the best image. The picture shown below, although having gone through Corel Paintshop Photo Pro to enrich the colour, I think you will agree even just at 4K, the detail is far better than you would achieve with a 2K render!

If I can achieve a 7K, then I will most definitely let it run if I have that additional day free. There has to be something in those sharp intakes of breath and the ‘OMG’ or ‘WOW!’ comments, when I reveal my renders to clients.

Yes, it takes a little patience and input from me, plus some spare time ‘tinkering’ with ideas; but so much is achievable from the building blocks and open architecture that Virtual Worlds 3D design software provides – the end result and sealing that deal with the client, makes it so worth going that extra mile!

Why don’t you give it a try – you’ll wonder why you never did it sooner!


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