Step into your dream kitchen with 4D virtual reality

A new kitchen is a big investment – not only will it take a large chunk of any home improvement budget, it is also a room that you’ll want to feel comfortable living in for many years to come. With the modern kitchen a multi-functional space and central hub of the home, getting the design of this room right has never been more important.

Browsing magazines and visiting showrooms will help with inspiration, but knowing if the products you are keen on will work in a real-life setting can be difficult to visualise. It is not uncommon to ponder a kitchen choice for several months, if not years, and put off a purchase for fear of regretting the final decision.

Virtual reality enables you to experience being in your dream kitchen before any decisions are made. This is why many good independent retailers now have 4D theatres in their showrooms and this represents a definite step-change in how people want to experience and buy kitchens.

Immersive virtual reality (VR) such as Virtual Worlds’ 4D Theatre, is fast becoming a highly sought-after solution that eliminates the fear of buyer regret. This is an immersive virtual reality simulation with real-time photo rendering, surround sound, voice commands and product interaction, enabling the user to experience what it would really be like to stand, and use, their new kitchen.

The Virtual Worlds 4D Theatre gives the user a real sense of spatial awareness, with the specially-designed headset enabling you to virtually jump into the design, walk around the kitchen and interact by opening drawers and cupboards, just like you would in real life.

The beauty of this design concept is that consumers can truly visualise their dream room and the 4D Theatre software instantly shows if any element of the design doesn’t look right and enables adjustments to be easily made. Your dream kitchen can also be viewed as a ‘room in a box’ using a phone app and a Google Cardboard headset, so you can get friends and family opinion before your dream kitchen becomes a reality.

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First person perspective in Virtual Worlds 4D Theatre
Step into your future Kitchen with Virtual Worlds 4D Theatre
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