Virtual Worlds launches Beta Catalogues Program


We are aware of how important it is to have the latest manufacturer products available within Virtual Worlds and so have been working on ways to get updates to our customers more quickly.

We have increased the size of our modelling and cataloguing teams to get products onto the system faster, and we have developed a new process for checking manufacturer products for accuracy.

Our new process delivers a much faster turnaround before the catalogue is released in a beta form, meaning you’ll get access to new products much more quickly. We only ask that you report any issues that you find to ensure these are addressed for the full catalogue release! We have made this very easy to do, via the right-click ‘Report Issue’ feature within Virtual Worlds.

Sound good? To opt-in for access to the Beta catalogues, update your download settings under Download Area > Catalogues.







Once we are happy that the catalogue process is robust, the beta program will be shut down and transitioned as our new standard in releasing better quality catalogues within a shorter timeframe.


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