The benefits of using manufacturer approved products in designs


As an independent retailer, you understand the importance of manufacturer brands to your business, However, some CAD systems use catalogues that haven’t been endorsed by the manufacturers themselves. In this blog, we will look at why it’s important to use models which have been endorsed by the manufacturers in your designs and the easiest way to keep your catalogues updated.

At Virtual Worlds, we operate in a different way to the norm, in that all of the manufacturers on our system pay a subscription to be featured. They are happy to do this because they understand that Virtual Worlds is such a powerful way to reach consumers and such a strong channel to market. Of course, this means that the manufacturers work very closely with us to ensure that the products on the system are represented as accurately as possible and there are many ways in which this benefits you as a retailer.

Using accurate models when creating renders and 4D presentations offers your customer the best experience as to how their finished room will look. This also speeds up the sales process for you as there is no room for any misunderstanding about specifications.

Using manufacturer-approved designs also offers other benefits.


The Virtual Worlds One Price software prices your design in the background as you are putting it together so that you can create accurate invoices without any additional time needed. We work with the manufacturers to ensure their latest prices are reflected in One Price to ensure accuracy.

Differentiation from your competition

The brands you stock and can incorporate in your designs is one of the things that set you apart from other retailers. Being able to present these designs in the most accurate, compelling way will increase your closure rate and using accurate manufacturer models are part of this.

Stay up-to-date

Manufacturers update their product range regularly and we know how important it is to have updated catalogues. We make this easy for retailers, you can switch on automatic updates and this ensures you always have the latest products available.