KBB Review Lockdown Design Competition – Virtual Worlds templates available


In response to the current lockdown, KBB Review has launched a special addition to its Retail and Design Awards. The kbbreview Retail & Design Awards 2020: Lockdown Special is a conceptual design competition with everyone working from the same brief.

The competition comprises two categories,  ‘concept design of the year’,  and ‘Under -16s concept design of the year’ so you can get the kids involved too!

The brief is a challenging project involving a couple with their three kids living in a converted lighthouse. Mum and Dad want a new kitchen/living area and master en suite, and the kids need their own bathroom and kitchen/living area for their amazing treehouse. The full brief can be downloaded at kbbreview.com/awards and the closing date for entries is 5pm on Thursday 30th April.

The brief was released last week and to help our users, we have created templates for the 4 for you to work from, so you don’t need to worry about creating the structure, and can concentrate on giving your creativity free reign!

The templates are available to download from the Virtual Worlds user centre, and you can find out more about the KBB Review competition here.

You can download the templates from the Virtual Worlds user centre here.

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