How to create a VR room

The BBC 2 show ‘Your home, made perfect’ has introduced a wide audience of homeowners to the benefits of viewing designs in VR prior to work commencing. Here we look at how you can capitalise on this interest in VR to give your KBB business an advantage.

Create the room

Before you can create a VR environment, you need to create the room and with Virtual Worlds, this is simple.

The 3D difference

Virtual Worlds differs from other CAD software, in that the room is designed in 3D using the hundreds of manufacturer-specific and generic products within the system. 

Virtual Worlds Professional features a unique 3D interactive environment, where each element of the room can be viewed as it is built and the effect of any changes can be seen in real-time. Virtual Worlds Professional offers manufacturer-approved models which are updated constantly to keep your designs are precise as possible. The latest in rendering software also allows the production of photographic quality images.

Presenting in VR

But there’s no need to stop at just images. Rather than just looking at their new room, 4D VR enables your customer to interact with items in the design which enables them to connect with it, and this delivers benefits for you too. 4D retailers are reporting closure rates in excess of 70% and order values increased by an average of 20% when the design is presented in 4D VR rather than traditional renders.

The reason this works is due to the emotional connection formed when the customer experiences their room in VR and the room they’ve dreamed about becomes a reality. Any concerns the customer has about making the right decisions are addressed and buyer’s remorse becomes a thing of the past, fast-tracking the sale.

How to create VR designs

So a system this powerful must be complicated to use, right? Well no, actually, because Virtual Worlds is driven by a powerful rendering engine the transition from 3D to immersive VR happens instantly. Simply click the 4D button and you can step inside your VR room at any stage of the design process with everything rendered in real-time, including night lighting, moving scenery, water, flames, video and sound.

How can I offer VR designs to my customers?

If you don’t currently use Virtual Worlds, contact us and we’ll take you through the options. If you are a current customer and would like to upgrade to 4D, contact your Area Sales Manager.