Taking virtual reality direct to the consumer to drive traffic for 4D retailers

Virtual Worlds has been using the power of social media to make direct contact with consumers, wowing influencers and gaining valuable endorsements for its 4D Theatre.

Virtual Worlds contacted home interiors influencer @the_idle_hands, offering her the opportunity to see the kitchen renovation she had planned in 4D. They invited her to their Milton Keynes HQ where she was beamed into her new kitchen via virtual reality.

Commenting via her Instagram account, she described the experience as ‘mind blowing’ saying: “We all have our weaknesses and for me, it’s my powers of visualisation. I’ve always found it hard to imagine how a finished scheme will look. Virtual Worlds offered me the chance to experience my future kitchen in 4D virtual reality. It was one of the best things I’ve ever done!

“I could walk around, open cupboards, turn on virtual taps, see my worktops change colour, see how the room looks by day and night and generally have loads of fun. You can see at a glance what works and what doesn’t in your design and change it on the spot. Virtual Worlds supply their pioneering 4D software to loads of showrooms around the country, and you can check your nearest one on their website.”

Nathan Maclean, Virtual Worlds Managing Director, commented: “We are the first software developer to go directly to the consumer in this way and it is a powerful form of marketing that is hugely beneficial to our 4D retailers.”

For more information on Virtual Worlds, please visit www.virtualworlds.co.uk